Friday, September 12, 2008

let's stomp on some grapes...shall we??

I wonder if when you are in your mid 80's and something goes wrong.....if your thoughts go immediately to death????

I think mine would. That's what I think of whenever the parentals feel bad. I mean...being in your mid 80's is getting up there right?

Just curious.

Mom's cranky now. I guess that helps in some way. Whatever....I'm going out to smoke myself into a coma and further my own heart damage sit on the front porch and look at the blue sky and puffy clouds and take a few deep breaths.


meno said...

Whenever i see my parent's phone number on the caller ID i wonder, "is this it?"

Ghoulish i am.

ETK said...

Did I tell you yet today that I love you?

Jay said...

My grandmother turns 90 in about a month. Every time she catches a cold, everyone worries.

Diane J Standiford said...

Aunt Vi is 101, we don't think she will ever die. LOL My uncle just died at 96, he still hunted and drove. My mom is 80. I don't think about death like that. My dad died at 56. My other uncle died at 13. Life is just a crap shoot. Age is numbers.

Imez said...

I would think you'd need to hedge into denial more and more as you age, or else go crazy from the possibility that each day might be the last. Don't know. Not going to ask, either.

e c f e s w said...

dad fell and broke his hip this morning~~we are at the springhill hospital in NLR this afternoon~~(there are not that many hospitals that are able to do the type of dialysis that Mom and I do at home for him)~~we are waiting for the ortho doctor~~at least I can catch up on my email~~I don't think I am going to be able to do much of reading of blogs~~It's a Baptist hosptial~~I had to agree not to go to any OBJECTABLE sites~~so I have started a blog at for just dad~~~I can't even go to my own blog~~it's too funny~~I have to remember to keep it G rated

In regards to your question~~I know that dad is aware of the seriousness of his condition~~for a few minutes, then he says "I wonder when I will be able to get up and walk"~~he couldn't hardly walk before he fell~~he falls every few days~~but this fall this morning broke his hip so here we sit waiting for the surgeon~~~but, it's the first time I have been able to check my email for days and days~~~I just hope that I will be able to catch up on my blogs that I read~~~I figure I can go to them at least once, or that is what I hope~~you can catch up on what is going on at dad's site

thank you for being such a great friend and checking up on me~~~I haven't been much of a friend, just basically spent the time since dad's stroke getting him set up and mom and I trained for the dialysis at home

I knew that he was going to break his hip during one of his falls~~Mom and I kept telling him that all he had to do was let us know, but unless we were where we could see him, he would get out of his wheelchair~~~now he is in the hospital awaiting surgery for a broken hip

thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers~~maybe I will be able to "be connected" for a few days anyway~~I have had to get up 4 times while writing this comment~~~
charlene in arkansas
now doing blog for father at

Gin said...

I have often wondered the same thing myself. And, I always wondered if dad is ever afraid to go to sleep for fear he won't wake up. He's 84. Of course, he has Alzheimer's so maybe he forgets that he's old. Well, until he sees himself in a mirror.