Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump day spackle squishers

Man.....stuff was just running through the grape this morning. Guess I better lay off the iced tea for a bit. :)

So, here's my queries~~~~~~~

Who decides what the 'new' colors for a season are? I heard that purple is the fall color. Dark purple if your skin tone is dark....and light purple if your skin tone is light.
Really?.....why? what if you skin tone is in between? Then what???

ETK had family visiting her last weekend. That's a good thing but what wh did with her time while they were there was a novel idea to me.
She actually scheduled "me" time. Yep.....just for her to get things done w/o anyone else around!
I never in a million eons thought of doing that. Wouldn't have had the courage or nerve. Kudo's to her I say!!!

I wish we had 'smell-a-vision' on our TV. Some of the things on the Food Netword look soooo scrumpdillyishus and I know they'd smell heavenly. If I could smell it I'd stand a better chance of actually making it. lol

Mom was woeful the other morning at Dennys. she wondered what they'd do "without our TT".
ETK and I go to Chicago in about 3 weeks. I told her Lovee would take them to Dennys on Saturday and church on Sunday....but she stayed woeful....she knows Lovee is so good to them...but it just won't be the same she said.
Hummmmmm...perhaps this will be a wee bit of time for her to gain a little more perspective? We'll see.

I'm addicted to HGTV!!
I'd like to have smellavision here too! I want to be able to smell the wood being cut and the new paint being put on the walls. It's the last thing I watch before I fall asleep. Seriously!
( hear that gals......I may need to do that in Chi-town)

Tiling is bad for the finger nails! I've just about lost all of mine. I hate...absolutely loathe gloves. So, in the course of scratching off the thinset or grout, I've managed to peel away my nails too. Sometimes that's a big ouchie!
Whatever..........the tile looks great and we're in the home stretch! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Lovee and I got to go to a party last Friday evening. Woo-hoo! A friend from my 'old' place of married in Vegas and a bunch of us got together to celebrate. Fun times I tell ya. We don't get out very that made it even more fun. My Margarita was especially delish!!!!!!!

And here's a biggie.
I read on Meno's blog that one should never tell ones IRL friends or family about your blog. Of course I realize that's her opinion....but I 've told everyone about mine. I thought it might be a way for them to keep up with my life if they were so inclined. i do realize i censor myself at times b/c I wouldn't want to rant about someone who reads this...but that's a minor thing to me. My urchins, or at least a couple of them do read this as does Lovee....but my friends don't. I think that's curious. Especially my so called "Best Friend". she said she prefers to get her information face to face. of course we hardly ever talk face to face so she never knows what's up. Hummm...guess she's really not that "into me". lol

What I find really interesting is that some of my blog buddies 'get me' more than my IRl friends.
So, of course that leads me to another unanswerable quesion.
If i knew my blog buddies IRL....... would we hang out together....would we still 'get' each other..would our everyday antics become a problem and drive a wedge between our friendship?

Just curious squishers.

anywhoodle...............have a great Wednesday..( why is that spelled that way instead of 'windsday')
I know .......who cares! ha


ETK said...

Well, it was more of an "if I don't go buy some cool weather clothes I'll have to go naked-time" vs. me time, but it was sort of me time too - I have to do that stuff alone if I want to be productive.

I don't know who decides the colors - but I like Purple! So it's great!! :) You have darker skin by the way dah-ling - that olive-y skin that tans so nicely.

Unlike pasty-me.

Your parents will totally survive, and this will be good for them AND you. Absence makes the heart go fonder and all that crap. They will definitely appreciate you more (and probably act out less) after you return. They will be just fine. You need some YOU time.

What about some pictures chica? Of that fab party maybe? you and Lovee out painting the town red?

I told a friend that lives far far away about my blog. It was a big decision for me too, because she'd not known before and I was hesitant to share such an intimate part of me (well - it sure used to be!), I even had to do some "clean up" before I would tell her about it. But interestingly enough - she never ever reads it. Oh well. I think you hit the nail on the head - they just aren't that into us.

Anyway, everyone's blog is a little different - and most importantly - it's what you want it to be. You and me - we use it to keep in touch with those peeps that are important to us and far far away. Some people use it as more of a private journal. Just think - you wouldn't want to tell your parents about it if they could read it now would you? :)

Blah blah - you inspired an almost post but now I have no time to type it. :) Look what you did.

LOVE YOU BUNCHES! I love you IRL just as much as here.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Yep. In some ways there's a person or two whom I wished I hadn't excitedly blurted out, "Lookie what I did!!!! READ ME!"

Because, now they do and sometimes they don't get my humor? What is up with that?

Or, sometimes they peeve me off -- but, I can't gripe about it/them there. No fair!


I agree about Wednesday. Who put the "d" in there anyhow. Who says, "Wed-nes-day?" Well, I do, but only when I'm spelling it. Kinda' like "veg-a-table."

I say, "Wensday. And, vejtable."

"scrump-dilly-ishus??? That's goin' up on my new words list!!!! ;-D

Happy Hump-diggity! LOL!

CheekyMonkey said...

Because "Windsday" is the southern accent coming out in you. *Snort*

GREAT post by the way. You know, I think it's funny that IRL friends are so different then blogger friends. I think blogger friends tend to get the "it is what it is" version of you instead of the paint & spackled version. Does that make sense? Because to us, paint and spackle is a name, but we know you as TT the lovely grape juice woman with an awesome family. Well, at least i look at you like that. And I fully intend on loving you just as much after that initial squeeze a the airopuerto!! I'm not afraid.

When I think about it, I don't think any of my IRL friends read my blog or know about it. Well, not true. ONE does. She's the one that gets me though. Auntie K. She's totally a sister that I never had. Other people, get the paint and spackle version and no mustlovemonkeys. I don't know that they could "get" me, via blog. I dunno.

I too have just posted, instead of commented, just as ETK. Pfft, good thing I AM just that into you!

Jay said...

I think blogger friends seem to be better than RL friends sometimes because they are actually listening .. well reading .. anyway, RL friends probably think they already know what you're talking about and maybe don't really listen.

I have family that reads my blog. I censor some stuff, but for the most part I tell them that they are reading at their own risk.

Of course, my imaginary friends are ALWAYS jealous of my blog friends. ;-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think purple should always be your color Grapegirl! ;)

And time away should give everyone some perspective on your fabulousness! Enjoy your time away. YOU deserve it.

Dana said...

Well, I've not spilled the beans regarding my blog, although I've had to bite my tongue a time or two. In my case, I have FAR too much to lose if I were to let ANYONE know about the blog - it's what keeps me honest ... ummm ... errrr ... dishonest!

meno said...

i was going to go into a long explanation of that blog rule saying that if you started a blog to keep in touch with family and ....blah blah blah, but i just stated what i wish i had done. I only told one person, but now i wish i hadn't because i want to write about her and CAN'T!

Brad said...

I hadn't given much thought about who I told that I had a blog - with the exception of employees - but just this week there's stuff going on w/ my Dad that I can't blog about because my Aunties - his sisters read my blog. It's kind of annoying. So to Meno's point I would be somewhat careful. It can bite you down the road.

Jen said...

I think blogger friends are just as nekkid as you. . . That's why we "get it".


I started mine so my family in the great white north would know what I've been up to, but that doesn't mean that I don't regret it sometimes 'cos I have to censor mucho. Especially considering I wish the husbands family were never ever told . . . they were and continue to be such critical people. But then again, I'm satan's spawn to them . . .

I'd be your IRL friend no matter what.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Hey, potter found his way back to blogger! In case you missed.

If that isn't right? I did an updated post from the one you commented on...

Happy Tiling Dreams...wait, that wouldn't be fair.

Happy Tomorrow!

ETK said...

Have I told you how cute it is when you say "IRL"??

Diane J Standiford said...

Good questions... been pondering that. I have a dry wit, was surprised how many bloggers got me, harder in written word I thought. I really enjoy people, so I can't imagine not liking my blogger friends. I value friendship VERY HIGHLY. IRL

Smell TV...I watch animal plnet a lot...

Anonymous said...

I don't get the whole color of the season thing either. LOL Seems awfully random.

Good for you getting out of town for a bit. My husband's grandparents are the same way. They will only accept help from one certain person. Silly old people.

I don't tell my friends about my blog. Well, I did tell one of 'em but she's really open minded. The girl I kissed that one time whom I've known since high school. LOL I don't know if she reads it. She's never mentioned it. No one else. I'm sure they could discover it if they really wanted to but whatever. I don't really care.

I think you'd be a great friend in real life. You'd love my girls. We'd hang out and have coffee. You'd help me decorate. I just know you'd be a cool friend. :) We'd squish our grapes IRL. LOL

Michael M. said...

Good stuff...."scrumpdillyishus" made me chuckle....hadn't heard that in a while...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

yes, I let EVERYBODY know about my blog, but then again, I am not saying anything too controversial really

Gary's third pottery blog said...

You know TT, I read this went out to cut the lawn and was thinking....and will therefore POST about this. Thanks for stirring the pot!