Monday, November 12, 2007


There won't be any pics of my new hair cut. I hate it! I thought I'd try something new, but it's too flat and I hate my hair flat!

That's it....I'm through trying new stuff. [ at least untill I get over this trauma] I had to use my curling iron and curl it all over.




ETK said...

Awww!!! :( Post anyway! :(

Sunshine said...

Hey!!! You're too anal about your hair! I looks good. Period. Get over it you crazy woman. At least you have your fingers and toes right? :) You love me!!!!! xo

tt said...

Don't go there sunshine!! I can still put your lights out ya know!!
You love me!!!!!! ha :)
Of course I'm anal!! I'm freaking defined by my freaking elfing hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sad!

Tweb said...

I'd say post it anyway but I really hate flat hair too, which mine is unless I curl it, so boo. I feel yer pain suga!

Allison Horner said...

At least it doesn't look like a fro like mine does today. ;p

I'm like you, TT. I always hate my hair these days. I think all those years of blonde hi-lights has killed my hair.

ETK said...

post post post post