Wednesday, November 14, 2007

update on the Dad....and other stuff

Well, I took Dad for an appt. w/ his Diabetic Dr.. yesterday. she is fabulous. She had scheduled a physical for him which we didn't know about but that's ok by me. Anyway, during the visit I found out several things which lead me to tell the parents that SHE should be his Primary care Dr. not the one they both use. She is so intuned to's great.
Anyway, during our talkings, I mentioned his memory wasn't very good so I'd like to be in the room when she talks to him. She asked if anyone had done a Dementia test on him.
So she did. Turns out he does have a mild case of Dementia. He's now on Aricept. It won't give him back what he's lost but hopefully it should stop the progression. Dad seemed totally unfazed at the notion. Fact, I'm not sure if he even fully understood everything. Of course the Mom is in her glory now. She has something new to worry about. Geesh! I told Sisterlittle about this last night and she said ...she can hear her now ...." Don't tell Dad about ( whatever???), he's got dementia and won't remember it anyway"........For some reason she loves to tell ppl whenever he's.....I don't even know what to call it. She likes to point out his 'flaws' so to speak. The things that most of us would never think to tell ppl is what our Mom tells! She's a piece of work I tell ya.
Anyway, I'm glad to know what's going on and sad at the same time.
His shingles are getting better. He'll keep the purple scars on his head though. Poor Daddy. His eye isn't as swollen now either and he may even play golf today before we go back to the eye Dr. We'll see. Woo-hoo!! I may try to take a pic, just so Sisterlittle can see it.

I've got pics of the Grand-yungins' to post later too.
We went to see the Bee movie. It was a really cute movie. I love cartoons with adult subliminal messages. Funny. In fact, ETK and Pups got us into watching them. Back when they were in college and came to San Antonio for a visit, ETK insisted we watch Land before Time. Fabulous movie. If you've seen the movie, must have recognized ETK as Sara! ......" yes, I am brave." ha ha


ETK said...

GRR - just posted a comment and blogger lost it.

Glad to hear your Dad is doing better and that they have pills for dementia (I had no idea!!!)

So, should we go see te Bee movie or not?? Personally, I'm waiting for that princess/patrick dempsey movie. Yay!

Allison Horner said...

I totally want to see that Bee movie! It looks so cute & Jerry Seinfeld always makes me laugh.

I am glad that your Dad's Endocrinologist (DM doc) is taking care of is needs & that he is improving.

tt said...

Yes yes yes!!!!!!!
Go see the Bee movie!!!

Anonymous said...

Movie reviews...
DON'T go see August Rush. No plot. Previews tell it better than it is.
DO GO SEE American Gangster. Denzel is a good bad guy (oxymoronically!).

and, yes I doubt oxymoronically is in the dictionary as such, but look at should be!
Remember Shakespeare!