Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The eye Dr says.....

Yep, it's in his eye too. Damn!!
He's actually feeling somwhat ok today. His eye is really swollen though and he said it feels like" something's in there." It is. He's got 2....whatever they are.....rashes? One at the 1 o'clock position and one at the 6 o'clock position. So, more drops for that eye. Problem is, that's already his bad eye. He's so sad and pathetic looking right now it breaks my heart so see him. He's such a trouper though. He never complains. He has to see the eye Doc every week untill it goes away. Hopefully he'll still have his sight. Finners crossed!!


ETK said...

Awww! How terrible! I'll keep thinking about him and sending him good wishes.

Please tell them both I said HI! :)

Love you!!! You Awesome Woman, You!

Anonymous said...

Our poor popi! as Allyson would say...
I talked to him last night. As the trouper he is, he didn't complain, just re-explained. He got a big kick out of Allyson's driving lessons and the similarity in timing. He chuckled...then went on to obsess about the hospital ordeal!
Also, YOUR mother is now telling me I might as well make her new drapes for the kitchen while I am there babysitting (my term). joy. do you think she'll let me hide out upstairs? She is a piece of work!!!