Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday..it's a love/hate relationship day.....

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. Monday's are supposed to be my day off but occasionally the parental units have Dr. appts. so I'll go in long enough to take them. Yesterday, Lovee went early to do their lawn and get it ready for winter and I went in later to take the Mom to get her eye checkup. But, when I got there as I walked in I noticed my Dad's head looked bad.
Let me back up a bit. On Sunday morning I noticed a red patch on his forehead. I really didn't think much of it because he has a lot of skin issues. Then later that night when we took them to dinner I noticed it again only it seemed to have spread. I didn't say anything though because HE hadn't mentioned it.
Ok...fast forward to yesterday; when I got there I looked at his head and said" Daddy, what's wrong with your head?" And as soon as I said that he said" Hey tt, look at my head and see if you know what's wrong, it feels like I've hit it or something". ( he didn't hear me ask him...he's so deaf...;) ) So, I looked and noticed his left eye was swollen and the 'rash' stuff had spread to the back of the top of his head and looked real red and puffy. He mentioned it really hurt to touch it and was concerned it was contagious after I said it looked like a rash. I grabbed the phone and told Mom he needed to see a Dr. today....I was concerned because 1. it hurt and 2. his eye was swollen. Mom started to question me as to if I thought he really needed to see the Dr....I had to remind her I could see stuff again....and she said" Well, I can't see very well, so I can't tell"....Uh................DUH!!! That's why I'm here!! Why do I have to keep reminding her of that???

Anyway,they could work him in about 4 p.m.. Great I say. So I take her to the Dr..The Lazar surgery went well. She can see a bit more light but that's all. That's the best her eyes are going to get.

After I take them back home, Lovee decided to paint their garage floor like Dad's been wanting. ( No hurry Dad's been saying...which translates into I want it done yesterday. ;) ) I come back up here to do my cazillion errands then go back to get Dad to the Dr. So, we're at the Dr. and the Dr. comes in and says..." uh-o you've got SHINGLES!" I gotta tell ya, my heart sank. Lovee got that as soon as we got back from Greece and it's not fun!! Sooooo painful.On top of that, his eyebrow was bothering him so much that he kept rubbing it and popped some of the blisters and now has Impetigo there. Poor guy! So four meds later we're home. Lovee and I went and got Pizza to have w/ them....it was late...almost 6:30.

My Mom was complaining earlier that Dad was grumpy and had grumped at her..I said it was just because he didn't feel well and not to take it personally. She said that's no reason to take it out on her! I repeated what I had already said and added that she too gets grumpy when she doesn't feel well. She said to remind her of it next time. Sheesh!!!! You bet I will. Well, after we found out what was wrong with him she said she felt bad about complaining . Uh, Mom there's a lesson here......think ya got it? Naw!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my poor sweet Daddy has Shingles on the left side of his head. The really bad part about all this is that the Dr. is afraid it's in his eye too!!!! So, today he's going to an Opthomologist to get that checked. If it is in his eye it could lead to blindness!! Crap!!! He's almost blind now! So, more on that later.

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Allison Horner said...

ohh, your poor Dad. As soon as I read you describing the rash, I was thinking Shingles. Yes, thank GOODNESS you were there to see it & get him to the doctor. Anything near the eye is always a little scary, eh? I hope it goes well today at the opthamologist.