Friday, November 9, 2007's Friday

So, today is Lovee's Colonoscopy(I think that's how it's spelled...doesn't really matter does it..) Anyway, for those of you you haven't had the ...ah...'pleasure' of preping for this procedure, let's just say, Lovee was up literally all night...back and forth for the bed to the John! Poor lovee! I just hope they find out what's going on w/ him. He's starved right now. The test starts at 10:30 today. Finners crossed!

~*~ Buggers......

Something I've observed for quite awhile that bugs me is the way People go out in public dressed like they forgot they were going out in public! I mean REALLY people! Must you wear your pj's and slippers to the grocery store? Where did pride go? Of course that leads me to 'where did common curtesy' go?? When did we become a society of 'it's all about me, screw you' people? And it's getting worse. And to make matters worse, I'm just as guilty of feeling that ' I'll show you" mentality as everyone else. I just don't act on it. Why? I really don't like confrontation. Especially w/ ppl I don't know b/c you never know how they're going to react. So I fume silently.

~*~ Excitement~*~

Sunday, since the parents aren't going to church, Lovee and I get to take our Oklahoma Grandkids to see the Bee movie. I'm not really thrilled about the movie, but I am thrilled to get to spend time w/ them. Our oldest grandson is 13 now. He's soooo smart! ( spoken like a doting Grandma :)) Anyway, he called and asked Lovee if he would go to his school assembly on Friday ( today) about Veterans. Awwwww.....Lovee couldn't b/c of his test. ( Made Lovee sad )
Anyway, I suggested we get together and see a movie w/ him and his Sister ( she's 6 and a Diva!) and he jumped at the chance. He said " Grammy, I'd do anything to be able to spend time w/ you and Grampy" Isn't that the sweetest thing ever!! And he's 13...a teenager....and still wants to spend time w/ us. I love me some wee ones!

~*~ Dad ~*~

He's doing a bit better. Some of the blisters are starting to open so his head looks like a war zone. Ewww! His eye is still swollen and red and raw looking but he says he's not having a lot of pain anymore. That's the good thing. His sugar is really elevated but that should go down when the infection is gone. I think his sugar worries him more than the Shingles. Lovee painted their garage last weekend and this Saturday the cars can go back inside. Dad's anxious to put this "treasures' ( read: junk) back in place. Popi is the precious one for sure!

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