Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poor Lovee.....

I think we finally stumbled into bed about midnight last night. Poor Lovee had the worst toothache ever. He called me as I was driving home and asked me to stop and get him some Oral Gel coz he was hurting so bad. That didn't even begin to help so I put in a call to the after hours phone number for our Dentist. FOUR phone calls later, about 11.00 p.m. he finally called back. He had been to a basketball game for his son and then they went out later. He noticed his phone was dead when he got home and put it to charge and the thing started beeping at him...over and over he said. Ya think????? Hummm.....anyway, he was very apologetic and called in some Lortab and Penicillin for Lovee and said he's probably got a bad abscess going on. I really like this Dentist though and didn't want to change....but if he hadn't called I would have in a heartbeat!!! Most likely it'll take a couple days for the infection to become manageable enough for some work to be done. He finally fell asleep about 12:30. Poor guy! That's so miserable.
I'm thinking he's going to miss some work from this. Which is fine be me. He's got about a months worth of sick leave to take. At his work place you have to be out 3 consecutive days and have a Dr.'s note to use your sick leave. Retarded !
Then, this morning I woke up w/ a bad stomach ache. yuck! My nerves are in my stomach, so I'm hoping that's all it is. Sympathy for my sweetie.
More on this later.


Allison Horner said...

Oh! Poor Lovee! I hope he feels better soon.

ETK said...


Anonymous said...

Here's a new one for us, sistewoman:
"Life is a Hell of a thing to happen to somebody."
(Criminal Minds)

ETK said...

where'd you go? post post post - we need to know what's going on. :)