Monday, January 21, 2008

Bye-Bye pink.......

I had to. It just crawled all over me this morning. I needed the calmness of blue.

Guess what I did? I got to talk with Tweb!!!!! It was so fun to hear her accent. And to hear what she sounds like. Funny how we get an idea in our heads as to how someone will sound isn't it. I thought, for some reason I'm not too sure of, that she would sound like laura Ingram. That lady from some talk radio program. Cuz they're both blonde and skinny and....I dunno..made sense to me at the time. Wrong! She's so girlie! Love it!!!!

See, if I hadn't started this blog I'd never have had that experience. I think it's great to be able to expand my world. When we were traveling while in the Marine Corps we always had new adventures and were able to meet new people everytime we moved. Since Lovee retired in 1996, we've sorta been stuck with a lot of the same things. Same house, same towns,same jobs etc. Well, my job changed but that was an expected thing. It was one reasons we decided to move back here when he retired.
Lovee's Mom died while we were stationed in Japan and his Dad died while we were stationed in Texas. So, since my folks were still around but getting older, we decided this would be the best thing. I must admit, I've had my doubts about that decision a few times ( ie: my mother!) but it goes away after a few glasses of wine. :)
Anyway, I love being a voyeur. I love peeking into peoples lives on their blogs. I love the interaction of it, even if it's seriously, a long distance thing and sometimes a wee bit 'surface' stuff. But ya never know. I got to talk w/ Tweb!!!

I'm gonna go watch Dr. Phil now. Yea, in my world that's fun stuff. I don't usually get the chance while I'm at the parents, so now's my chance. Yea for Funday Monday!!! ( credit goes to R.E.H. thankyouverymuch ;) )


Jen said...

Many people must've had the same thoughts of changing the color of their blog too. Clicking around, I'm sure you'll notice!

I like your new look! It's calming.

I always want to have one great big blogger party where all my blogger friends get to meet one another. They all seem like such good people of whom I'd love to hang with. That's cool you got to talk to one of yours.

Allison Horner said...

TT! I LOVE LOVE the blue, but then I am partial b/c it's my fav color. Hmm...wonder why I didn't use blue in my blog. :)

That's so cool you got to talk to Tweb! I occasionally snoop on her blog & to see her baby pics. She seems like a very cool woman. :)

This blogging has been a fun adventure, eh? I, too, would love a blogger party. Maybe we should all meet somewhere in the middle some day....or Vegas or something....and have big Blogger Party. :)

Wow, our hubby's have been doing all kinds of cooking this past few days. Very cool!

tt said...

Jen& Alli- That would be so fun. Vegas would be a great place for it. It's probably a pipe dream but dreams are good yes? yep!
yep, blue was good for me today. I did notice ppl changing theirs too.
Dreams and's all good. :)

Flora Korkis said...

I'm loving the look - C'est tres chic. I probably spelled that wrong, hehe

tt said...

Flora--Yay!! welcome my wee little chica. :) and thanks!
I'm a shitty speller sometimes so I won't count off for that..:)

R.E.H. said...

Yeah, I too love the new look. Much easier to read than the pink text.

It would indeed be cool to meet up with a bunch of y'all. Vegas would rock - I gotta get my scrawny butt over to Vegas one of those days with a pocket full of cash (that is expendable... if there is such a thing when it comes to money).

tt said...

reh-- Gracias,muchacha...

(I can't spell foreign words either)
Um, expendable cash? What's that??? I'm thinking oxymoron maybe? :)

R.E.H. said...

Hmmm... not quite sure what you mean. Expendable, for all I know, is a perfectly American word.

It means cash one can do without. Excess funds that can be spent without suffering repercussions.

Or as the American dictionary puts it: "Not strictly necessary; dispensable".

Maybe you thought I meant expandable... which sort of would work too - if I win big! ;)

tt said...

reh--I meant that I've never been blessed with 'expendable' cash...Mine has always been earmarked for necessities. :(
Now, if I were to win the lottery I'd have some expendable cash and then I'd pay for all of us to go! Woo-hoo

Tweb said...

I'm truly surprised that you didn't use the word "dog eared" or whatever the saying is instead of "earmarked". I can't believe i just said that. :)

Thanks Alli, I try to be cool.. most of the times, kinda random and drab... sorta like my colors. But I have a cute monkey to make up for it...

Did someone say Vegas? A blogger get-together in Vegas? I'm not a gambler, but I'm a REALLY good drinker!

tt said...

Tweb--I thought Dog eared meant the corner of a page being turned down...I'm confused....Of course I thought expendable money was an oxymoron too....;)
What do I know anyway.......pfft..

Tweb said...

It does mean that. :)

See, you've got plenty of smartz.