Friday, January 25, 2008

More ponders....and grape juice squishers...

Here's a few things that got squished from the grape today. Actually I was thinking about a couple questions I asked Lovee before we got married. ( which was eons ago btw) Silly ones at the time but I've always remembered them and the answers.
One you think you'd ever tell me to loose weight? His answer was that if I ever reached 300, we might sit down and have a wee talk about it. That was a good answer I thought.
The other one was...will you love me if you ever see me w/o my makeup? His answer was that I'm so beautiful, I don't even need it in the first place. That was the best answer ever.

So, I started thinking about other things. Nonsensical stuff of course. But here's a little list of what I should have asked him.
Would he still love me when or if......
1. I had age spots the size of 200 freckles that had grown together?
2. My belly hung over my hoo-ha?
3. My boobs kept getting caught in my waist band?
4. the lines in my face captured all my paint and spackle?
5. High heels were replaced by orthopedics?
6. Bikini's were replaced by capri's and a XL t-shirt?
7. the natural 'hi-lites' in my hair were gray?
8. my butt sat down looooong before I did?
9. bifocals replaced some cool Ray Bans?
10. A hearing aid replaced what was lost?
11. I got a shiny spot on my head instead of hair?

I'm sure I know how he would have answered all of these. And a wrong answer wouldn't have kept me from marrying him. After all, we knew each other so well before we got married. Engaged after 3 or 4 days, dated for 1 month before he went to Boot camp for 3 months, then married 4 days after his graduation . Yeah, we didn't know anything for sure. Except one thing. That we loved each other. That's it.....we took everything else for granted; that things would just somehow miraculously work out and fall into place. And, it did.

When you're young, the wrapping on the present is all shiny and new and crisp. You assume that what's inside is going to be the same. And will always be the same.

And when you get older, there are lots of ways to embellish the present so it has an acceptable look to it. But once that wrapping comes's a crap shoot as to what you'll see.

But, here's the best part. He knows it's the 'gift' inside the wrapper that's the best part. He's always known that. He wouldn't care if it were warped,wrinkled, cracked,tarnished or broken. Because that's not what he would see. He would just see the 'gift'. How lucky am I? I can't even begin to say......

Needless to say, I'm feeling very grateful for my sweetie. And I just wanted to share that.


meno said...

And how has his "wrapper" changed over the years? And how would you answer those questions?

I think i know, but just thought i'd put it out there.

tt said...

His wrapper has changed too. But I could care less. Of course you knew that ;) Earlier today I overheard some ditzy gal talk about how 'fat' her hubby had gotten. She was no prize herself. Those things I listed would describe her very well in fact. It would describe a lot of us. But it made me start thinking again....

ETK said...

Aww - that's just so sweet. Never had a doubt, of course, that you both love each other more than air, but still. Nice to hear/see.


R.E.H. said...

This was a sweet post. Hopefully I will feel the same with someone some day.

And... you rattled my funny-bone with this one:

my butt sat down looooong before I did?

Now, that's hilarious ;)

dad said...

Beautiful brown eyes and fantastic smile, the things I saw of you on our first meeting and immediately realizing you had/have a fantastic excitement inside along with a very large loving heart. Every morning when I awake and each evening before bed I still see the same gorgeous woman who captured my heart. I am truly blessed to have and love such a woman...roger

tt said...

Awww...that's my Lovee.
I have no words..........just love.

Allison Horner said...

Oh my goodness!!! That was sooooo sweet!!! And I love Dad/Lovee's response, too. You two are so sweet.

I truly hope that Pup's & my love will continue to grow just like the love you 2 have has grown.

Any one would be sooo lucky.


ETK said...

Awww! That's soooooooooooooo sweet! You guys are so awesome!

Tweb said...

I think this might be my