Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More sads....

I'm tired again so long story goes into short story.
It's possible my Dad has Parkinson's disease. I've got to get him an appt. with the Neurologist tomorrow to be checked out, but his PC doctor thinks it may be. He took him off some meds that can have side effects that mimic Parkinson's......I hope that's all it is. Lovee is down there right now moving his stuff from the upstairs bathroom to the down stairs one. ( Another long story there.......Ridiculous actually) Why in God's name are elderly ppl so damn stubborn??? I was sick at the thought of my Dad going up those stairs....by himself......we could picture him laying in a crumpled heap at the bottom...with a broken neck or worse...DEAD.....come on now parents........think!!!!! I know his thought process is whacked because of the Dementia but, Mom.........think about it! He's the 'herky-jerky' man today.......he's all over the place......he's throwing up......stumbling around.......doing the pawpaw shuffle. And ya'll think it's ok for him to go upstairs BY-HIMSELF??????? I don't think so. Neither does Lovee and sisterlittle. Dad ASKED me this morning to go with him up those same damn stairs so he could get dressed. I had my hands in the small of his back to steady him and get him the rest of the way up before we even got to the top. Geesh!!!!!!

more later.......


Jen said...

I'm sorry, TT. It gets tough as our parents get older. I only think about it (& immediately shove it into the deepest corners of my mind) you are living it every day. I can't begin to imagine. . . I guess you can cherish the good and try to forget the bad. I hope tomorrow is better.


I have been away, but I'm catching up. You and Lovee are greatly, greatly loved - pictures of you both as well as etk and baby are EVERYWHERE in that H-town home! I loved it!

I am blessed to have those 2 in my life. Alli has been a big part of my heart & soul. They ached years for her & I'm glad to have her (and pups) back in it once again. I'll never be so stubborn again. Never. I've missed them greatly. I also love how much they love one another & laugh so easily.


I've taken in food & drink into the theaters. Why not? It saves on cha-ching. I've even known people to take champagne in to celebrate occasions now and again. Though, sometimes, I just want a movie experience in full & will buy there.


Your "more ponders and grape juice squishers" was beautiful. Keep those coming!

R.E.H. said...

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it's just the meds and not Parkinsons.

Sending you lots of good vibes!

tt said...

jen-- you're so sweet. I have deep corners in my mind too and that's where a lot of stuff gets stuffed.:) I've decided today WILL be a better day. And I'm sure it will now that my grape has had time to process it all....again.
Alli and Pups...they make my heart swell! ETK and Baby...Couldn't love them more if I tried! They are great ppl to have in our lives, I agree.
I love the champagne idea in theaters!! I might have to try that.

tt said...

reh--I can feel the vibes...thanks. Keep your fabulous stories coming k? Love 'em!

Allison Horner said...

Geesh! It's 6:30am & between your post & Jen's response, my eyes are leaking!

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I, too, hope it is only the medication that he is on & that they can adjust it or counter it. Let me know what happens.

tt said...

Alli- thanks sweetie. They took him off Lyrica and cut his Aricept down to 5 mg. We've got our fingers crossed!
And isn't Jen the sweetest! Good friend you got there!

Tweb said...

YOU are in charge... taking care of them is what you do. So do it, regardless of what they say. :)

You're such a wonderful daughter. They're lucky to have you. Seriously.

tt said...

tweb-- You're right..i sometimes forget I'm in charge, especially when the Mom makes me feel 12...I gotta get rid of that huh!xo