Friday, July 18, 2008

Is it Saturday yet???

This Saturday is going to be a busy one. Busy with lots-o-fun!!! It will start with the parentals every-funckin-Saturday-trip-to-Dennys....I'm actually, finally, after 14 months of doing this, looking forward to it. You know me, hardly ever met a stranger...which means I look forward to seeing Sharon, Our waitperson. She's got their coffee and my iced tea w/ a straw ( thankyou verymuch) waiting for us at a table when we walk in. How's THAT for service? She remembers what the parentals want everytime... and she's just a sweet person. Always ready with a smile. My Dad is actually good about tipping, but I sometimes leave her a wee something extra. :)
Then there's Linda. She's the manager. She reminds me of Flo...that character from ....geeze...I can't remember the name of that show. She always said "kiss my grits"....anywhoodle.....I adore her!!!! I'd hang with her if I could. She would be a great one to party with I think. She gives me a squeeze whenever we're there.
Of course the food at Denny's is good. Breakfast anyway.
Then..................around Noon I get to meet a friend to go to 'An affair of the Heart'. fun. I've been told there's a booth that has all the stuff one needs to make the 'tipsy pots' that I saw on Ginni Dee's blog. I'm determined to get me some of those. You may have to scroll alot to find them on her blog but they're so neat! Whimsical....which I adore.'s off to meet my BFF....(that I've actually ranted a bit about) and her daughter, my god child, for dinner and a concert!!!! The concert is......1964 The Tribute!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! If you ever have the chance to see them...GO!! Of course it would help if you were a Beatles fan, which I am and was. It's seriously like stepping back in time to 1964. Wow....I'm going to try and get some pics. Keep the fingers crossed on this one.

All in all it should be a good day. Yay......I've got fun stuff to do.


Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I think the name of that show was "Alice." I used to watch it all the time. And, Flo always told Mel, to "Kiss My Gritts!"

I love our local little mexican restaurant where we eat breakfast every Sunday after church and when we arrive? The waitresses already have our large ice teas, in styrofoam cups (cuz' we always take a refill with us.)

Oh, and I too, always drink with a straw. But, I've had to start drinking from the side of my mouth as I was actually beginning to get one of those little wrinkle lines on my top lip ;-{

Aging. It just ain't fair!

Happy Friday!

CheekyMonkey said...

Ha.. yes, Alice... Kiss my grits. That's awesome!

Sounds like your Saturday is going to be a hoot!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sounds like a blast of a Saturday! Enjoy!

Jay said...

Back when I lived in Springfield Mo and worked third shift a bunch of us from work would go to one of the few bars in town that opened at 7 am after work on Friday mornings. The girl who worked behind the bar already had our mugs of beer and one guys Bloody Mary sitting in front of our regular seats when we would walk in. Fun times, fun times.

Brad said...

Boy Howdy! I wanna go too! Sounds like a blast.

tt said...

Fw: OMG!! I can't believe I got a comment from you!!! teehee...I read you all the time but usually on the fly and usually i don't and I are equally concerned with REH I think....anywho..yay for me!!!So, yea...straws are mandatory for me..urts the chompers to have cold stuff on them :(
And I love it that someone remembers us at the restaurant...I did that when I worked at the bank...made people smile.
ha--I got lots-o-wrinkles on the lip..face...butt..arms...knees...i need straws for every body part! *8giggle**

Monkey: come go with us!!!!

rll: yes it will be!! you need to go to one if you can

Jay: it is great to have our own "cheers" type place isn't it! Some routines can be fun.

Brad: it would be a bigger blast if you came too! Hopefully I'll get some good pics!

Jen said...

back to normal, huh? Good for you! sounds like a great way to spend a day.

and P.S. that show you're referring to is called "Alice". I grew up watching that show with my family. I have to drink with a straw b/c my teeth are so sensitive.

Oops! Looks like everyone else who commented got the "Alice" down too.

tt said...

Jen: I think straws are more common than I thought. Sensitive teethers call for straws!
Yep,,Alice was in my mind too, but I thought it was wrong...hummmm...guess not. lol

Crazy Charlene said...

hello~~nice to meet another southern~~BGWD~~~glad to have you visit~~and i enjoyed all of your vacation pics~~love the pink baby you carry around~so neat

tt said...

charlene: You seriously rock! thanks...Fipps is the best pet ever. :)