Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vaca's over...

We're back in good ol Oklahoma.

It's always bitter sweet getting back from a fabulous vacation isn't it? We had such a great time everywhere we went...great food, great visits, great people. I hated for all that to end, but we were ready to get back home for some reason. I haven't quite got that figured out. We squeezed alot into not much time. It would have been better if we'd had more time to spend with everyone but, like the Mom always says, " Visitors are like fish, after 3 days the both stink". Hummmmmm...crude but truthful I guess. I actually think it depends on the visitors. :)


We didn't even get out of the garage before we had our first mishap. lol....Lovee had plugged his mini fridge ( from his OTR days in a semi) into the cig lighter the night before so we could take cold stuff with us and not have to pay out the nose for it along the way. Good idea....but it didn't pan out. Got the car loaded and were ready to leave @ 6 am .....nothing! No juice to start the car! That was the first 'wtf '.....and the last. :)
Lovee got his battery charger out and in about 15 minutes we were charged and ready to leave. Yay!! We transferred our cold stuff to a styrofoam cooler that was laying around..emptied our ice bin in the fridge and we were set. Of course it was raining....storming actually but we didn't give a flip. We were escaping in Suzi Suvee Escape and all was right with the world at that moment in time. But, just to make sure we wouldn't have any more problems with Suzi, we stopped at the Wal~mart on our way out of town and bought a new battery....just in case. :)( never did need it but that's ok...peace of mind counts a lot!)
We drove from Tulsa to Birmingham the first day! Ugh...long drive...but we were excited and the weather gave us something to talk about.
The next day we only had to drive about 2 hours to get to the Lovely and always smiling ETK and Baby. Wow...ATL is Ginormously-Hugely-Big! Etk and I were texting back and forth ,getting updates and travel info with directions. ( FYI- you can see some of her pics on her flickr account if you go to her blog :) ) WE had the most wonderful time ever. It was the first time we'd been to their condo....been to all the other kids places but not hers...Bad parentals!!!
We redeemed ourselves. Went to the World of Coke...which is all new and fabulous! The intro video " Happiness Factory tour" that's shown at the beginning is flipping hilarious!! ETK and I gigglesnorted all the way through it. Seriously!!!
Lovee and I had our first sampleing of Indian food. OMG!! I'm totally in love with it! I'm having a craving right now as a matter of fact. :)
Got to try my first Martini! I know...what's wrong with that? 50-elfing-three years old and never had one. Geesh! Anywho...I'm not to crazy about the 'dirty' one...'cept I LOVE green olives...but the Chocolate one....Yummy!!! Of course the headache I had the next morning was unplesant but 'Baby' made us breakfast burritos that helped . :)
We traveled on Marta...ATL's subway thingie...too cool. Relaxed and had some much needed chill time and talk time and people watching time. Her 'penthouse' condo had a great view.
I've got tons of pics to post. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to that.
Right now, We've got to get to the parentals and go to dinner...uh-huh....with sisterlittle and her fam....
She leaves in the morning. :(

I missed ya'll! Seriously.
More later.


Jay said...

It's always nice to get back home. I miss everybody and all the fun, but it's nice to sleep in my own bed and watch what I wanna watch on TV and all that cool stuff too. Glad you had a great time!

tt said...

jay: yea, I did miss my bed. We didn't even watch TV while we were gone...'cept to get a weather report. Missed you...waved while we were in Ark...but I don't think you saw us. lol

ETK said...


Love you and glad you made it home safe and sound. Give Pebbles & Love Dog some squeezes for me!

Diane J Standiford said...

Sounds great. What's a vacation w/out a little drama? Welcome home, Dorothy.

Dianne said...

I missed you!!!!

But I'm so happy you had a great time.

Brad said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time - looking forward to pics !

Poor ETK misses you already - and what's this talk of Pebbles & Love Dog ? Furkids I've not seen ? directions to pics pls.


CheekyMonkey said...

Missed you too, but it was great hearing from you... too bad those 2hrs could have been widdled down to 2 minutes. :( Some day... some day..

Can't WAIT to see pictures!!!