Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 and spackle juices

Nothing in our local paper today about this remarkable date in our history.
That surprised me.

Just like when JFK was killed....I'll always remember it.

Peace out dudes and dudettes.

Oh, and lets all get together...put our minds in gear and try and 'will' Ike into oblivion. He's heading towards my urchins and Farmer*s wife.
That's a big ol bowl of Chicken Biskets there!

Shoooooo...go away!!!!


CheekyMonkey said...

I'll put the gray matter to work and will that bastage to go away!!!

Jen said...

Ike is suppose to pay us a visit as well. Not as bad as it maybe for the urchins. . . I worry about them, but you know, if they need a place, we've got the room! They are welcome at any time! Hear that Brown-Eyed Girl?

Dianne said...

I'm sending out all the good vibes to urchins and to FW. and I'm sending out go away vibes to Ike - the bastard!

It shocks me that 9/11 is not mentioned in your local papers. Just one more example of how disconnected this country has become.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ike, take a hike! hey Ike take a hike *chants*.

Allison Horner said...

Yeah, we are hunkering down. Thankfully Hubby & I moved out of our townhome near the coast just in time. AND thankfully my parents are far enough away to not worry about the storm surges. We're boarding up the windows tomorrow as we just have the wind to worry about where we are. Hopefully our stuff that is in storage will be ok! ug!

gary rith said...

you said it, it is gonna be WET down there!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Not even a mention? Odd.

Here's hoping Ike just fades away. I'll be thinking of them!

e c f e s w said...

psst~~~you are telling our ages when you let people know we remember when JFK got shot~~~BG~~~
and if you don't see me, remember last 2 hospitals I couldn't go to blogs but once~~~
I hope that I will be able to return to my favorite blogs, but I won't know until I leave them~~~I am so excited about being able to read my friggin blogs!!!
Is that bad of me when I am excited from dad being in hospital so I can read and comment on blogs?