Saturday, September 13, 2008

The cure for Mom


Yep....she's fine today...
She was all happy and feeling good this morning, and just chompin at the bit to get to Denny's.
Wish it worked that easily for me. ;)

sisterlittle told me something yesterday that I'd forgotten. Way back in the 60's while on vacation in California...Pismo Beach to be exact....Mom,Sisterlittle and I saw a Palmist.( is that how you spell it when someone reads your palm???...)
Anywhoodle....One of the things she told the Mom was that she'd live until she was 84. Seriously! She mentioned it to SL while Lovee and I were on vacation this summer. So SL and I were wondering if perhaps she puts stock in that stuff know how she believes her horoscope stars!
Hummmm...She turns 84 September 30.
All she wants is a homemade German Chocolate cake.( my specialty btw ;))
She's gonna get one.


Anonymous said...

I would call the person a palm reader but I guess palmist works. LOL

You're a good daughter! I love how you talk about caring for your parents with such love and not the way my MIL does about caring for her dad - like a freakin' martyr. You prove that attitude is everything! :)

CheekyMonkey said...

I like palmist. Sounds like a nudist thing though. :) Anyway, I had a psychic tell me I'd live till I was 83 and that I'd have 3 kids. I don't REALLY believe it, but I certainly haven't forgotten it, for whatever reason.

Then the bitch charged me $65 for that phone call... at 14 years old, that's a lot of money and some SERIOUS explaining to do to my mom.!!! Ha.

Um, so on Saturday we don't have much planned SOOOO... if you want to make me a german chocolate cake, I'd let ya..

meno said...

Your specialty is German Chocolate Cake???? I should be nicer to you!

Diane J Standiford said...

My FAVORITE is GCC!! 84, that's a long life. Here's wishing her a few more lines! (Just knowing that cake was waiting would keep ME around another year!)

Dianne said...

I like Palmist - sounds official.

I thought they weren't supposed to be specific like that!! It would suck if Mom is really thinking about that now. Tell her the Plamist was using a Flemish calendar and there's no way to convert the years.

German Chocolate eh? You ARE delicious.

BTW - ETK has my phone number and is going to drunk call me. Make sure you get in on that ;)

gary rith said...

wow, 84 already....

gary rith said...

wow, 84 already....

Real Live Lesbian said...

All I want is a German Chocolate Cake, too! My birthday is October 1st! I wish you lived next door...I'd make you bake me one! LOL

Here's wishing your mother many healthy years! I hope she knows how incredibly lucky she is to have you!

Fortune Cookies said...

84's a good age, but I'll tell you, I had my cards read and that woman told me that I would not live to be 35 and yet, here I am...besides, she said she'd live until 84, she didn't say only until 84, or not past 84 right? Eh, they just play a guessing game anyways. Happy Birthday to Mom!

e c f e s w said...

glad to hear your mom is better~~i came home to rest and get caught up on my blog reading~~going back to hospital tomorrow hopefully a rehab that will accept dad will be found by then

e c f e s w said...

glad to hear your mom is better~~i came home to rest and get caught up on my blog reading~~going back to hospital tomorrow hopefully a rehab that will accept dad will be found by then

Brad said...

Mom sounds like she's going to be around well past her 84th at the rate she going.


tt said...

FF: thanks gal. My Mom has that whole martyr thing down pat so I can't use it. LOL She's soooo much better than I am with that.

CM: How 'bout I make ya one in October????? huh????? I could ya know!! :)

Meno: Of course you never know when I may show up with one. lol

DJS: It seems like a lot of ppl like that cake...who knew??!!
Wish I could send you one....wouldn't that be fun!

dianne: you crack me up!! a Flemish calendar??? I'll try that.
And that ETK...she's always a step ahead of me....maybe when we're in Chi-town we'll ALL call you!!!!! That'd be way too fun!!!!!!! 3 drunk bloggers....we should Utube it!!!

GR: yep 84. I don't care what anyone says...that's old. Old enough to do what ever you want and get away with it evidently.ha

RLL: she knows. Fact she told me yesterday. How odd for her. :)
I wish I lived next to you too! That'd be a hoot for sure. I could bake for you and you could paint for me. Sounds like a winning combo to me!!!!

FC: She told me I'd live to 72 I think. That's as good a number as any I think..I don't put too much stock in it anyways. 35??? how odd she picked that number..glad she was wrong!!!

Char: Hang in there girl. It's got to get better right?

Brad: If I keep supplying her with oatmeal raisen cookies and CC cake she come on over and I'll cut ya a piece! :)