Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Red Crocks???

So, I've been all over looking for a red crock. Yep...just a regular crock for my kitchen. i have a bunch of red things in my kitchen and I want a new container to put my utensils in. That's it. Just a red one. But can I find one?? NO!! I went to Walmart,Kmart,Pier One, Pottery Barn, Kirklands,Hobby one has a red crock!!! WTF!!?????

So now what??

Well.........just as I was getting myself all worked up into a lather.....I remembered....Gary!!
So I'm gonna see if I can get one made!! How cool is that????

( please say yes...please :))


meno said...

No red crock? What a crock!

Sorry, it had to be said.

Jay said...

LOL .. I thought you were talking about those shoes Crocs!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you meant the shoes, too.

How about spray painting one red?

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

At first I thought too? A typo? She's looking for those ugly yet so comfy shoes that someone is making all the rage and MILLIONS on.

Then, I read on and realize what you were really looking for and first thought was to say, 1) google; 2) ETSY; 3) [the best] GARY!!! And, then you came up with it all on your own.

But, you might wanna' specify cuz' he likes to add animals and reptiles, LOL!!!! Though, a dairy cow on a red crock would be totally the cute of Country!

Later Gal, Happy Wednesday! Oh, and Happy Red Crock!

Dianne said...

I'm sorry

I thought you were looking for a red cock

and then I got distracted

Jen said...

I have red schtuff in my kitchen too! Awesome!

gary rith said...

Ha! FW knows me so well!!!!
I am thinking a little beagle on a red crock, yes I am.....

tt said...

meno: you just can't hide your wittiness!! ;)

jay: For my kitchen?? I like odd thingies but shoes for my kitchen isn't one of them. lol

FF: ya know I thought about that, but decided I'd probably just screw it up...Gary to the rescue!!!

Fw: we think more
those ideas were mine too. Almost in that funny is that?

Dianne: you kill me...roflmao!!! i actually have a story about just that very thing!1 seriously!! I'll tell ya one day ;)

Jen: red is great in a kitchen isn't it? It's just about my fav color.

Gary: You build it so you can design's that?! I'm just so excited!!! Oh I'm thinking I need a spoon rest to go with.....OMG....

gary rith said...

'You want fries, I mean a spoon rest, with that?'

Gin said...

I'm with Jay...I thought you meant red crocks, the shoes! I have a pair and they're red too and that was what came to mind when you said red crocks!!

You'll have to take pix of the crock Gary comes up with for you!!

Diane J Standiford said...

Good to have friends in clay places!

gary rith said...

hoo hoo!