Tuesday, September 2, 2008

rambleing squishes...

The laundry room is completely finished and we've got tile and grout in the hallway. Baseboards are next. Phew!!!! This is so time consuming. Lovee pent 8 hours doing the parentals yard yesterday. Yep...eight...8...Dad wanted the grass really short. Lovee is so good about keeping our yard and theirs looking beautiful...lush green w/o many weeds.....gorgeous. But he wasn't keeping the parentals yard super short like the fairways at the Club. Now it is. Seriously. He filled something like 25 bags!!!! He had to mow it 3 or 4 times to get it that short!! I was exhausted just hearing about it. Of course all that pretty green is gone now. Anyway....he didn't get home until I had finished the hall way. Boy was he surprised. My Sunshine girl came up and helped me finish the hall. We had a blast. I did anyway.( FYI- a rubber spatula works great for getting the grout in ) It was like we were paint and spackling the floor. lol ha
I took pics but i don't have time to post them now. I did a bit of a Mosaic at the threshold from the LR to the hall. Then I'll do another one into the kitchen. Turned out good I think.
Our Kitchen is going to be a %$@*&%$!# bit harder to do. It's got 2 layers of vinyl and we have to move the fridge and stove out. We already got under the dishwasher and scraped the bugs and shit construction debris out from under there.

While I'm working on this, I get a million ideas for new posts. But by the time I'm through they're gone. Or like last week.....everyday, when I was driving to my dungeon job parentals, I had crazy shit going through my head and I would ramble to myself over and over...but by the time I got there to write it all down...it was gone.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not...but once I sort through the junk that floats though the grape and get it all sorted into nice boxes....it's gone.....Whatever....right?

Enough rambles now.
I've got a mountain of laundry to do that I didn't get done over the weekend. duh....I was busy.


gary rith said...

A rubber spatula? Brilliant.
Funny how a holiday weekend makes for an exhaustingly busy work week sometimes.

tt said...

gry: I know.,..who knew right? this tile project is crazy...no slack time here!

Dana said...

Keeping true to the LABOR day theme were you??

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Geeze! We do need some pics of all that hard work! You're too funny! I do the same thing. I ramble in my head to myself all day long. Sometimes I even crack myself up.

Then, I decide I want to bloggie and 'whoop!' out it all goes. So, then I just have to ramble from my head.

Happy Tuesday!!!!!

I'll have that liquored tonic up for ya' tonight! ;-)

CheekyMonkey said...

So the mountain of laundry and the part where you had lots of material for posts disappearing... well I could have written that myself. I had some GOOD ones this weekend. Gone. Where the hell they went, I dunno. Probably hiding with all the missing socks from the laundry.

tt said...

Dana: I'm usually laboring on labor day...What's with that??? Obviously I'm doing something wrong!

FW: I think we're related. Seriously...it's a good thing in my book ;) A vlog??? tonight??? yippee!!!!!

CM: Why do they do that??? hide with the socks..? I mean, I'm almost thinking it's a conspiracy. I need a break! Oh yea...I get one in oh, about 6 weeks right???? YAY!!!