Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mani-Pedi update and more superfulous stuff

OMG!! I'm totally hooked. She didn't hurt my toes at all....and that really surprised me but also made me mucho happy. I'm gonna do it again in 6 weeks. Hummm, it may become addicting. :)
Also went ahead and had a mani...also fabulous. I picked out a really lame color though. It looked good in the bottle and I like it on my toes but I went ahead and got it on my like so much there. So, I'll probably take it off in a few days. Maybe...if the swelling in my finger goes down that is. UGH....I'm not sure if it's just terribly bruised or if it may be cracked. Of course the only way to be sure is to get an exray and I probably won't do that...unless the pain stays around. I've probably said this a time or two, but I'm a total klutz; a bull in a china closet.

I had been to the pool place to get chemicals. They were all put into one very heavy box. You know where I'm going w/ this??? It can't stay in the car cuz the heat wouldn't be good for them. I park in front of the Parents house and get out; go around to the front passenger side to get the 'big box'; Finally heaved it up to the hood of the Couger. I go inside and ask the Dad to hold the door open for me, I go get the 'very heavy box' and get inside the house and as I trun to go into the livingroom...WHAM!!!!! I hit the door jam w/ the full weight of that elfing ,heavy S.O.B. of a box slamming into my knuckles. PASHit %^*&^$%#$$%##^()_(*&%^$%!%&**( mother f**&%$(!$%%*^&^@!&^(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My poor dad, who can't see well anyway had no idea what just took place, except that now, his sweet little girl is almost speaking in tongues and doing some kind of freak dance around the house and he doesn't know why. :)
You know how when you really hurt yourself and all you can do is try and block out how damn much it hurts and breathe, breathe, breathe, in the hopes you won't pass out??? and you just can't stand it when someone talks to you because your concentrateing soooo hard??!!That was me but the Parents kept asking questions ( naturally- hoping I was really their daughter and not the alien imposter that I was acting like) trying to find out what I had done.
The pain subsided about 30 minutes later and I could speak. I swear it hurt as bad as when I broke my toe...both times! But, good news is that I can sort of bend it now. It's swollen a bit and still hurts..DON"T TOUCH IT!!!!... probably a bad bruise...maybe a crack...I just want it to get better before next Tuesday when I have to do the 'wet' cleaning.....! It's the middle finger on my right hand.( of course)
I'm such a 'company girl'...ha employers won't like me slacking off. :)
So, since it's really starting to hurt with all this typing...I'm outta here....


Tweb said...

I'm sorry about your finger but you made me laugh out loud when you said "Don't touch it!"

I love saying that...

ETK said...

Now, if you'd just go get your first massage - i SWEAR you'll love that even more!!!