Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nice and Easy

Huh....sounds like I colored my hair doesn't it? Naw...didn't happen. But that's the way this weekend has gone. It's been great having Sisterlittle here. She did some online homework at our house a couple times. We went to the Flea Market on Saturday, which is something we always do when she's here. I found the cutest piece of yard art!! I have a thing for Flamingos and guess what I found?! iron 'pink' flamingo! I only got one so Lovee wouldn't freak out on me, but as it turns out he really likes it. So much so that next Saturday we're going to get one more!! I don't know if he actually likes it or not, but he knows how much I love them so he's being a really good sport about it. What a guy!
Also, at another place that a friend of Sisterlittle owns we found a fabulous old English garden gate!! She gave me that for my early birthday present..It's so cute in the corner of a flower bed in the front of the house. OHHHHH........I've gotta take pics to show you huh!!
ALSO.......sisterlittle has pj's that have flamingo's on them that's exactly what I want for my next tattoo!! Yay!!!! I gotta get the pics of that put on here too!

Went to the Country Club for their buffet brunch today. My parents think we like going there for some reason...we actually don't. The food isn't all that good and as picky as my Dad is he hardly finds anything to eat that he likes. I have to go w/ him around the tables to point out what there is because his sight is so bad. I like doing that actually. I wish he could see but I like that he counts on me to show him stuff. Anyway........sisterlittle found something for us to give him for Fathers Day. We wanted it for Christmas but couldn't find it. It's the TMX Tickle Me Elmo!!! He LOVES talking toys. We gave it to him at the club but didn't actually get to show him how it works untill we got home. That thing is a blast. We laughed so hard. My Dad thought it was great. We love to see him laugh!*sigh*

Sis-little leaves tomorrow morning...{*snif*heavy-sigh**} I miss her so much when she's gone.
I wasn't a very good sister to her when we were little. I was so obnoxious and mean to her. Anyway, that fence has been mended and I just love her to pieces!! Squeezers to her!!! :)

Lovee and I are going to start looking into having an additional patio poured. It's something we've wanted to do ever since we got back from Greece. More on that later!

Lots of storms this them!!!
More later.............gotta go do stuff........

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Tweb said...

Flamingo lover... Love it. Would love to see this yard art you found. How bout another picture??? HMMM???

Meany pants when you were younger huh? Well sometimes it takes us some time to find ourselves and really appreciate those around us. Usually it takes some time to figure that stuff out and luckily for us, it's not too late!