Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Suzi SU-V is sick

I had to drop off my little Suzi last night. The air conditioner isn't working very well. Only had that car a few months and it's already in the shop. That does not make me happy. It almost feels like it's out of Freon. Anyway, Lovee picked me up at the dealership; I'm still sweating like an oldie :) and I get in my old car ( 97 Cougar- pretty Kittie!!) and It's elfin' freezing in there!!!
I had tried to convince myself earlier that the airconditioning was working but it was just too humid and hot to be very cold; but once I got in the Couger I deleted that thought for good! WTF!! I'm not very nice when I get too hot and can't cool off. UGH!!! So, today I'm driving the Cougar and Lovee is in the Chevy. I've got air and he doesn't. I don't like that cuz he's the one who works outside all day and could really benefit from the cool air on the drive home. But he's......he's.......stubborn ( no!!! really??) and loving ( always!!) and gave me the air. Love my Lovee!!

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Tweb said...

What a sweet sweet man! Reminds me of Babe. You should buy him a red mini, so then when he needs to cool off, he can just go for a ride. :) What? I'm just sayin... it would cool!

Uh, how old is Suzi? I'd raise Helllllll if my AC went out. AND I'd make them give me a friggen loaner car. Dumb dealerships.