Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ridiculous querie...

Ok, this is gonna sound gross and possibly a bit stupid but I'm going to inquire anyway. It's actually something I've wondered about for a long time. I had to get the parents to their Heart Dr. early today for some fasting tests.( Geesh, got up at 4:45 for this one to have them there by 7 a.m.)Anyway, I kept seeing some uh,.....uh,...well there's not a polite way to put this; some really,really big people. One guy actually looked like he was pregnant with triplets or something. And the spouses of these men were a bit on the heavy side too. I'm not talking a few lbs. either...I'm talking Kirstie Alley before Jenny Craig big. Ok, so here's the question( which you've probably surmised by now)..How do they 'do it'? Seriously!!! I mean being that heavy is a really bad thing for your heart anyway but how do 2 really big ppl 'do it'? One really big bellied person and another regular sized person..yes...I can see that....cuz P>G> ppl do it all the time ( snicker-snicker-TWEB!!)
Anyway I sat in that office for 3 hours and had nothing to do but ppl watch and that stupid thought stayed w/ me the whole time. Geesh tt, get a life....or better yet take your book w/ you!

Anyway..that's all that has rambled in the grape today. Got up too early for anything else. Plus I had absolutely NO caffiene today.


Tweb said...

That's an absolutely fantastic question my little perv. I've missed you!

I'll go do some research. (reading that is..)

tt said...

cool! Glad I'm not alone in my posers...reading research??? yea, right!