Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So, yesterday the Mom tells me I need to slow down when I'm filling their pill boxes...because, even though Dad doesn't know what pills he takes SHE knows what she takes and she was missing some. So, hummmmm, that's odd but I tell her ok. Well, what do I find when I'm mopping the floor? Yep, her pills. What do I find on the floor in the Den? Yep, Dad's pills. So, I casually mention to her that I found the missing pills. End of discussion. :)

I made the Dad a blanket for Fathers Day. He's always cold. It's 95 degrees outside but he's cold! Sisterlittle found him the 'Tickle Me Elmo' we had wanted to give him for Christmas. He loves it!! It is fun to watch that's for sure. He loves talking toys. Maybe because he can't see well anymore??....not sure. So anyway, I'm doing my wet cleaning,upstairs where it's the hottest, sweatin' my noogies off; sweat literally dripping down my face and I come downstairs and what do I see? My wee little Dad bundled up in his blanket sleeping. First thought is 'Ahhh, he's so cute' , second thought is 'Are you freaking kidding me? It's 85 freaking degrees in this house!'[[ as I wipe the sweat out of my eyes]]....So I go guzzle some water like I've been marooned on a desert Isle for 7 years, turn on the ceiling fan and plop down on the sofa. Geesh, it's gonna be a loooong summer. :)


Tweb said...

Uh... nooglies? Wussat?

tt said...

noogies...ya a guy that would be his...ummm....'boys'...
I obviously don't have those but I like the expression. :)