Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Superfulous rambles.....

Ya know...I'm not sure if my work day can get any easier. I propably just jinxed myself but that's ok. Actually that's not ok...now one of them will probably get sick and I'll have to stay there 24/7. Well, it is what it is. I actually have more time off working for the parental units than I did at the bank. I'm kinda liking that. Yesterday, Monday, was supposed to be a day off for me but, the Units had already scheduled a Dr. appt. w/ their Cardiologist. So we went...and I got home about 1:30. Had errands to run before I left T-town so that put me home a wee bit later than I would have liked. That's ok too. No sweat.
I had to get some stuff for the pool so we can get it open. YAY!!! We LOVE the pool. So fun and cooling.

Lovee bought a Solar heater for it so that hopefully, we can swim longer in the season and possibly open it up sooner next year. I'm a total weenie when it comes to cold water. If the water is under 86 degrees it just feels too cold to me. I prefer it to be about 90; which is still cool beleave it or not. Anyway, he got that all hooked up and brought the water level up. Now all we've got to do is vacuum it and add chemicals. I can't wait! I love to play in the water!I'm a water baby!
Last year on my Birthday, Pups and ETK surprised me and were waiting by the pool when I got home from work! How neat that was! Completely blew me away. Love me some kiddos.

Our barn ( shed ) is finally built. Now Lovee can get all of his yard equipment out of the 3rd garage. FINALLY! He has so much stuff...and it was all crammed in with his woodworking tools.
I'll have to post a pic of that too.... maybe.

Sunshine put some of our old furniture on Craig's List. I'd like to just call Am Vets to come and haul it away but she and Lovee think we might be able to get a few $$ out of it. We'll see. I was going to sell our Dinette set but I made the mistake of telling the Units of my plan and the Mom got a wee bit upset. How can you "keep house w/o a Dining room set?" Yea, that's her reply to most things. (ie: how can you keep house w/o a hand mixer?) uh, dunno Mom.
Anyway I was going to get rid of it and put a desk in there. But I guess that'll have to wait. No reason to upset her if it's not necessary. I do want to get rid of the bunk beds from one of the bedrooms though. That's 'supposed' to be the sewing room/computer room.....but I thought we needed beds in there a few years ago when we had kids moving in and out. Now...I'm through with that idea and want my room back. Gotta get the puter out of the dining room!

Ok, now that I've downloaded all of this stuff in my grape...maybe I'll quit thinking about it.Sheesh, I needed to make room for other nonsensical stuff! :)

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