Thursday, June 28, 2007

Out w/ the old

My precious Sunshine girl put our old furniture on Craig's List to sell for us. I thought she was asking a bit too much because the couch and love seat were well used...the dresser was a really great piece though....the chair was so-so. Anyway, later I told her to put garage sale prices on it and 'Bam!"; She got about 20 inquiries. She sold it all and we got our garage back. Yea!!! So, since she did all the work we told her to keep the $$$ and put it towards her new house that's being built. Bless her heart, when she found that out she wished she would have held out for more $$$. But we just couldn't wait to get our garage back. Some is better than none though. She was very happy. :) The couple who bought the stuff were expecting a baby and really needed some furniture. The garage sale prices turned out good. I'd rather give it to someone who really needs stuff ya know? Lovee and I were there many moons ago. Our first living room furniture came from a garage sale too.

I think I'm being affected ( is it 'aff' or 'eff' ?)by SAD. It's ridiculously rainy here. Everything is starting to smell like a swamp. UGH!!! Go away!! We can't do anything outside...can't mow can't swim!!, can't play in the flower beds........shitfuckdamn!!! I think I can actually feel the webbing growing between my toes! I'm gonna start quacking soon. I need some sun!! LEO's need sun!!
So on that note, I think I'll go take a soakie and give it fup for the day.


Tweb said...

Tired of the rain, yet you go take a soak? Gurl, you're crazy.

He he he... when you titled, Out with the old, i thought you meant you were out with your folks. :)

tt said...

You gave me a belly laugh!'