Friday, June 29, 2007

paint and spackle

My everyday routine of painting and spackleing is hard these days. Why you ask ? Because I've got an enormous elfing coldsore right under my nose!!!!!! Geez-o-pete!!!!! I take medicine every elfing day...2 x's a day as a mater of fact. So, why the breakthrough???? When was I stressed out??? Answers! I want answers!!! Gawd I HATE these things!!!
I did something really bad in a past life to keep getting these in this life!! I must have been a very naughty girl. ( tee-hee)
So, a message to the Universe!!!!!
I get it! Really I do!! I'm a good girl in this life so take the friggin shit back!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's it.....I'm toast!
I'm outie~~

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