Friday, June 15, 2007

Belvedere...burried in 1957

Well, Lovee and I went to the unveiling of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere tonight. It had been buried in June of 1957 along w/ a time capsule. Everything in the t/c was great but the '57 was a rust bucket. Lovee was sooo disappointed! We had great seats though...probably because we stood in line about an hour waiting to the doors to open. It was first come first serve for the tickets we had. They had other tickets which cost more that were supposed to be better seats down on the floor, but hell...on the floor you can't see squat! So we ordered the cheap tickets and had a great view. We stayed a couple hours then left. It's a piece of history for our fair town and was fun to do. We found out they buried a 1998 something or other back in 1998 but I don't think we'll be around for that one. Heck, 50 years from that date and I'll be......lets just say...'dust in the wind'.
I'll try and find a pic of it and post. Lovee downloaded a bunch but I'm not sure if they came out very good.


Sunshine said...

Jeanne and I watched it on TV. We were very disapointed too!! That damn cover didn't work for crap. Oh well. Maybe the one burried in 1998 will turn out better. I should be alive for that one :)

Allison Horner said...