Tuesday, June 5, 2007


YAY!!!!! My sister, aka-Sisterlittle, will be here tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited! She'll have a busy visit while she's here. I'll have to share her with her's and hubby's friends and "Nana", but I can do that. Her hubby's grandma just turned 100!!! She is the sweetest lady in the world. She's not in good health and she's quite frail these days, weighs only about 70 lbs.... but she's such a great lady. My sweet little niece, A, will be here too! Sunshine loves to hang out w/ her so that will be fun. She's such a pretty girl....I'll take pics and have Sunshine load them onto my blog. I've gotta share some pics! I know,...... both tweb and etk have sent me directions but my grape just can't seem to squeeze it out. ha ha
My Sis is starting her Masters and has to do a blog and a Ning. It's really a new thing for her. Neither of us has heard of a Ning. She wasn't really wanting to appear 'nekkid' as she put it on the big Web but now she has to. It's for posting books she's had to read and such so it's not like she writes anything personal....weenie!!! Ha-ha......I'm awfully proud of her tho!
PLUS..................in a couple weeks my sweet granddaughter from N. Carolina will be here!!!!!She'll be 9 this month! Geesh they grow up sooooo fast. # 3 son and his girlfriend are driving out to pick her up. What a great month this will be! I'll HAVE to post pics of Miss V for sure!
She called me last night to get my cell # so she could put it in her phone. PHONE I said to her....you've got a cell phone??? Her Mom got her one especially for the trip so Miss V could call her anytine. It's a Trac phone that didn't cost much and has to be loaded w/ minutes. Hummm...I guess it's a good thing. I think we may have to go get some Bling to fancy it up with.
I will get to have her w/ me during the week while # 3 son is working! yay!! The parents are looking forward to it too.
This is good timing...coz I'll have a distraction while ETK andBaby are out of country. Whatever will we do while they're gone? Can she update her blog while she's in Italy I wonder? Hummm, I doubt if she'd have any time so I'll need the distraction from Miss V. I guess Tweb and Alli and Sunshine will have to entertain me.........no pressure. :)
Had a good day off yesterday. I did have to take the Dad to a Doctors appt. but that was it. Then I came home and Lovee and I did regular stuff. Went to the Wal~Mart for some groceries (He actually went with me which I love) and then he fixed us dinner. What a guy!! I absolutely hate to cook after I've been grocery shopping. Not sure why, maybe it's because I've got so many choices......naw.....I'm pooped afterwards I think. I've always hated putting groceries away too. I do it of course but I don't like it. Odd huh.
Then we sat outside and admired the lawn. Just sittin' in our glider, drinkin' tea and watching the grass grow. It's the little things.
Gotta go get ready for work now. Today is "wet" clean day. Bathrooms and floors. Probably a grocery store visit in there somewhere....maybe some ironing. And Tuesdays are the"pill counting" time. Gotta put all their pills in the weekly boxes. Geesh there are alot of them too!
Hope everyone has a groovy day!! ;)


Tweb said...

Groovy? Peace? Dooood ETK is gonna be pissed when she hears you've turned into a hippie! :)

Your family... I'm going to need you to create a tree for me. Numbers names and babies. I feel dizzy sometimes when I'm trying to figure out what/who/when you're talking about!!! LOL

9yrs old? It's about damn time she got a cell phone! Seriously, the little snots out here get cell phones so early, I seriously wouldn't doubt that H gets one for her 7th b-day this year. That's no joke. It's sickening.

tt said...

I know right!
I'll E ya the tree :)
Everyone says I was a hippy.....but I really wasn't...just a wanna be......I faked it good for a while tho! ha ha