Monday, July 16, 2007

Melt or drown

Yep, that's our lovely state!! Last week I was sure I felt webbing growing between my toes. It's rained for something like 36 days straight! I know I quacked a few times. Probbly while speaking to the parents.....we were drowning and flooding. We had a moat around our house for weeks. Seriously.

Today the heat index is 105 degrees!!! Actual temp is around 98 degrees and Lovee is mowing. We have to get it when we can..between the drops. But...he's melting! It's so friggin hot. I keep taking him cold towels to wipe his face and neck but they warm up so elfing fast.
If we didn't have our pool I would absolutely HATE this place in the summer. As it is the pool temp is now 94 degrees! Still lower than our body temp but not by much.

I swore I wouldn't gripe about our hot summer because our winter was so extreme....but I'm loosing that battle, quickly. Besides, isn't one of reasons for the changing of the seasons so we can gripe? What point are weather extremes if ya can't gripe?

How's your day?

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Tweb said...

It's raining here. We need it bad.

I remember last year... it rained for just about the same amount of time as you. It's so depressing. I need sun to survive. I'm like a flower. :) And a big ball of cheese.

My day is good. But there's a forecast of boredom coming in... which sux.