Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just a wee bit of venting...

Ok, I'm on my soapbox once again. What part of "Fireworks are illegal within the city limits" do ppl not understand?????!!!! Seriously!! I know we're 'bythebook' ppl but I really just don't get it. Sparklers, snakes and little stuff that doesn't pose a hazard to neighbors or pets is ok, legally speaking. The stuff that shoots up in the air....not ok. There were so many huge 'BOOMS" last night, I honestly started thinking about what ppl in war torn countries must live w/ on a daily basis. Granted our booms were of the friendly nature and I knew that we weren't under any threat but the noise was just stupid. So I'm out in the backyard about....oh.....8 o'clock or so, not dark yet, and I see huge fireworks going off all around us. My dogs were so scared they huddled by the backdoor and wouldn't do their business. The biggest offender I noticed was our neighbor next door to our north. He's a really nice guy for the most part....he was having a get-together and shooting some BIG ones already. Not unusual but the part that struck me is he's a COP!!!
He KNOWS the ordanances, knows their illegal but he , I guess, along w/ half the town decide that law is NOT FOR HIM !! WTF-over!!!!
It really irks me.
The good news is my other next door neighbor( the weird lady w/ her stupido kid who's lazy as a sloth) didn't have her annual party. Thank God for that. Their yard is so seriously over-grown it would have been a fire hazard. I usually have to stand out in the back w/ the garden hose ready when they have ppl over. Their stuff always blows into our yard and lands in the pool or whatever. I'm always afraid one of these days our canopy over the deck will catch on fire. Lord help those ppl if that ever happens...coz the mean-tt that very few ppl have seen will crawl out and there will be hell to pay!!!!
Ok..I feel better now.


Sunshine said...

You get em ma!!!

Tweb said...

I love fireworks. That said, I also feel that people, in general, are too stupid to handle them without a "license" or whatever it takes to blow the big professional ones.

Take for instance a lady in MI, a mile or so away from my friends house, was lighting these "mortar bomb" type fireworks off in the parking lot of a video rental store...blew her effing face off in front of gobs of children and died.

*happy 4th to you lil Johny, here's $100 to pay for the first round of therapy for you.