Thursday, July 12, 2007


I could talk about gas alot....both kinds. :) But I won't. ( you're welcome)
I drove Suzi and the green kittie to fill up this morning. I was going to do it last night but that idea got bumped when Lovee called and said his while whale was dead. I totally derailed... I lost my choo-choo.
Lovee heard that gas will be over $ 3.00 a gal by the weekend b/c of the Coffeyville refinery being out of commission due to all the foooding here. Ok.....So, I go this morning and WHAT???? $ 3.19!! AND it should go up to $3.29 later today. It's almost as expensive as a gallon of Milk!
I'm gonna show my age here so you may want to close your eyes. ~~~ha ha~~~~~
I remember when I was 16, my BFF and I could go to the corner gas station and give the 'attendent' .50 cents and we'd drive around ALL day on that. Too fun.

Gotta get ready for my day. Rain is in our forecast again......what's new?
Gotta iron today. That's it.....iron and fill syringes. Gonna be a long day.

Have a happy one ya'll...


Tweb said...

Pffft, gas here is ALWAYS over 3.30 a gallon. Suck it up chickie. :)

tt said...

We're pampered down suzi 'sucks' it up so I don't have to!
So there! tee-hee
Love me some Twebers!!!!!!!!!!