Friday, July 13, 2007

Where is xyz town??

So, my folks were wondering where some town in Kansas was. Sisterlittle had mentioned, when I called to check on her and the where-abouts of her hubby, that he hadn't made it to I forget the name of the town xyz yet. So I dutifully report this to the folks. Dad asked where that was. Mom promptly pipes up and says" It's in Western Kansas". I say I don't know. Next thing I notice is Daddy on his knees in front of the bookcase looking at the Encyclopedia's. " whatcha doin Daddy, looking for the K?" " yea, can you find it for me?"
I get the K and just as I find Kansas Mom pipes up and says with a straight face " Look up Kansas".....uh, duh! I tell her I've got it and am looking at a map but it's from 1964 and I'm sure alot has changed. She says " I'm positive it's in Western Kansas, do you see it?"
Uh, I'm still looking Mom...give me a sec" "Well it's in Western Kansas look there"......Luckily she couldn't see the look I shot her with :)
I tell them it's not on the map....again Mom says "It's in Western Kansas". I tell them again..."It's not on this map". Mom gets up from her throne( the love seat) and pads to her room and comes out with an Atlas. Guess what she says next?..........yep, " look in Kansas".
Ok, that's a good idea I i mumble some blurbage under my breath and turn to Colorado.
Dad pipes up again........."You see it?"............." Yep, here it COLORADO!!" Oh, Mom says. "I thought it was in Kansas". We proceed to talk about how it wasn't in Kansas for the next, oh....say 5 minutes.

That my dear ones is pretty much how my day goes. Everyday. Hour after hour. We find the most obscure things to talk about. Pretty stimulating if you ask me. ;)


Tweb said...

I'm sorry, but that's hilarious. How could you not have fun with that? I'd start quizzing her... or thinking of random things for them to get excited about looking up. Good times. Then again, maybe it's just me that's easily entertained.

tt said...

Lovee told me to get a book of records to amuse them with. It is funny for a while...but hour after hour and day after day....hummmm

Sunshine said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I got the biggest laugh at that. I can so picture it. You know you're going to heaven right? LOL