Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Beatles ROCK!!!

OMG!! We had a fantastic time. But, I forgot to take the camera. Sorry!! :( Bad tt, bad!)
We went to a great restaurant that has plain ol down home cookin' first. Yummy!! Got completely stuffed. My BFF and her daughter "J"rode there in J's VW convertible. It's a tradition for them. So fun. Well, while we were at the restaurant, it started raining so J rushed outside to put the top up. When we left, the rain had stopped so they decided to go ahead and put the top back down. Can you guess what happens next??? Yep, we get on the Hwy and what do we see up ahead? Rain! Buckets of it . We're going to drive right into it! I was following them and kept waiting for them to pull off under an overpass and put the top up... again, but did they? NO!! ha ha ha ha.....they just kept on going. I laughed my ass off! Fortunately, they both have short "convertable" hair. The rain stopped before we reached the concert and their hair dried some so it wasn't like they were soaked. Bff said they really didn't get too wet; the rain sort of swooshed over them. Funny!
Anyway, the concert lasted 2 hours and was a blast. Can't wait untill next year to do it again!

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