Monday, July 9, 2007


I can't believe I forgot to post about my new fabric!!! I've been looking at some fabric for a few months to recover my window seat cushion. It was love at first sight!! I have to think about things for a while [usually] before I invest any $$ in it cuz I have a tendency to be a wee bit compulsive. Anyway this fabric has my favorite colors...jewel tones....and MONKEYS!!!! With colthes on no less. Sooo cute. Anyway I showed my sis to get her thoughts [ she's a fabulous interior designer...her first major was in that field}. She loved it too. So I bought all they had to make the cushion and do valances in the kitchen and one in the livingroom. adorable,wonderful,cute,fabulous,talented Sisterlittle said SHE would make the valances for me. She so great. The cushion will be a snap but the way she said to do the valances is a bit complicated for me. I love her awful! I'm so excited. I'll take a pic of the fabric and post it for all ya'll later. Tweb will love it I'm sure! I've got Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for us!!!!!!!!


Sunshine said...

OH MY!! LOL - Monkeys? hahahaha too funny! Can't wait to see it. xo

Tweb said...

Ohhh... I love me some monkeys! Can't wait to see the final product!!!