Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'll give it more thought

I think I'll just wait until I really need to 'vent' to do a post. That'll do better...and I won't feel like such a.......blob w/o a real job....
Don't get on your soapbox....I know what I'm doing is a good thing. I'm glad I'm doing it. But I think I'm beginning to understand what some ppl were talking about. The "hard" part of this job is watching the decline of my parents. Watching the monotonous periods of time go by that they call their day. Seriously. My Dad starts looking for the mailman about noon everyday. Mind you, the MM usually doesn't get there untill 2 or 3, but Dad will talk about it untill he finally gets his mail. Today, the mail came while I was having 'tea w/ the queen' so I took it in and said" here's your mail Daddy, Looks like it's really for me though". "WHAT!?!?" he says loudly......" well, there's only a shoe catalog and an Ad for investments" I say. "What??/ that's all...there's nothing else?" " Not today Daddy, sorry". He had a sad look after that. :(
Pitiful.[[ snif-snif]]
I'm pretty sure I noticed webbing growing between my toes this morning. Just a little snippet I thought I'd share w/ you.

I think I'm tired. Drained is more like it.
I miss my sisterlittle. :(
I miss.................................everyone!

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