Monday, July 30, 2007


FYI- when swimming with ETK, be careful!!

She managed to get through Sunshine's legs but ran out of air? when she got to me.....

She broke my .......puter! :) Absolutely too funny!!!!!
We laughed so hard I blew snot bubbles...:) Sorry if that's too graphic but it was hilarious and painful at the same time!! Love me some ETK!!!!
More pics to follow......


ETK said...

Um - if you put any other pictures of me in a swimsuit on your blog, I just might send you a computer virus. :) Or hurt you more! :)

tt said... didn't
show anything...just underwater fuzzies...:)
...noted ;)

Tweb said...

Only underwater pics allowed? Pfft, tt you bess email me some pics!! I wanna see the girlies havin fuuuuunnn!!! NO fair!

Allison Horner said...

Looks & sounds like you all had a great time!!!

Glad you had a happy-happy birthday!!!

Looking forward to trying out that pool someday!!! :)