Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time slowly marches on.....soooo slowly

I'm seriously considering doing away w/ my blog. Why you ask? Well, what I originally thought would happen when I started my new 'job' ...hasn't. My world seems to have gotten smaller in that I have very few interesting things happen in my day. It's basically the same thing day after day. So, what's to write about? Not much. We'll see.

Took my sweet Dad to the eye Dr. Tuesday. His 'good' eye was going blurry so we had it checked out. Turns out he's got an infection on his lower lid. So the Dr. tells him to wash his eyes w/ baby shampoo 2x a day and to put a bead of this ointment on his lower lid afterwards.
He wants it done in the morning and at bedtime. I explained to him about 'our' situation and he says I can do the evening one before I go home. Good.
Well, I send him to his bathroom to wash his eyes and he comes downstairs with his eye completely red and he can hardly see!! " Dad! what did you do to your eye?" Well, he said to wash my eye w/ that's hard to get the soap in there" "WHAT??!!" I said. " You put the soap IN your eye?" " Well, yea...that's what he said isn't it?" " NO, Daddy, just WASH your eyes using the soap on a washrag". " He got really confused after that. I got the ointment on and reminded him we are supposed to do 'both' eyes because eye infections can spread easily.
Well, yesterday I was explaining to him how to wet the rag and THEN put the soap on it and wash....he was still confused. So i go w/ him and show him how to do it . OHHHH....he exclaimed. " I understand now, I just misunderstood what he said"
Bless his heart. I swear he only hears every third word that's said. It's hard to put stuff together that way.:(
Makes me sad to see him that way.

The day we had the funeral for my B-inlaw's G-ma, he had to take his Aunt ( his G-ma's Daughter) to a place that would evaluate her and see where she needs to be ( she can't care for herself...her MOM of 100 was doing that!!) it a nursing home or assisted living or whatever. Very hard thing to do. She's about 79 or so and reeeaally needs someone to look after her. The attny told them not to tell her what was going to happen just take her to this 'place' directly after the funeral. Needless to say it was very hard on everyone. I'll spare you the details.
Anyway, it upset my Mom terribly!!! She kept saying someone should have told her what was going on...that she didn't have a choice and that it was going to be good for her, etc.
Later Mom looked at me with an awful pained look and said, almost crying," Don't abandon me".
Uh.......I about lost it. She was almost in tears. I assured her that since she had always been a 'straight shooter' and always told ppl the matter what...that I would never blindside her!! She still looked worried.
Later on my Sisterlittle told me Mom almost started crying when they were talking about what happened w/ the Aunt...and told her to please not do that to her. about tearing you heart out! My Mom has always been a tough ol she's frail and....I don't know what else......
Tore me up! She said when you get as old as her and Dad( with the health issues they have and all) that time really slows down and she keeps wondering how much longer they'll be around. She hopes not much longer. I see her point but it makes me sad...:(


Tweb said...

If you get rid of your blog, I won't leave comments for you ANYMORE!


I like your blog. And it'll majorly piss me off if you don't report anymore. PISS ME OFF.

I love the monkeys, and the pedicures and the "do it my way,unless you have to do it your way" posts... And your adventures with sisterlittle... I don't want it to go away.


Tweb said...

Ugh...that just breaks my heart! I would imagine most everyone goes through that as we get older, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept.

{{hugs to you!}}

Allison Horner said...

No, don't get rid of your blog! I like reading it, too!

Plus, blogging is journaling....and it is a great way to vent, heal, blab, etc! Very healthy!!! Keep it up!!! :)


tt said...

Ok,OK...I get the message. Sheesh!
Lord knows I wouldn't want to Piss off Tweb!! ;)
Alli's right. It is a good vent. I think I may just wait untill I really have something to 'vent about' and not ramble so much..K?