Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm gonna break something one day!!

I am a total clutz! Completely! Seriously! Totally!
I took dance for about 11 years. I now think it was so I could learn to fall gracefully. For real.
I have been falling down since I first learned to walk. ( I wonder how that went? ) Anyway, I've fallen down or rather I should say I've triped over something every week for about 2 months now. It's getting a bit redundant. My ankle still hurts from when I tripped over one of the sprinkler heads at my parents and then went down like a rock...right in front of Suzi w/ Lovee sitting behind the wheel. That was about 2 weeks ago. I fell gracefully though. I've learned to go w/ the fall so to speak so I won't screw up my back. ( again) I just got through falling down, for the upteenth time trying to go over the dog barrier Lovee put up to keep our little carpet-pissers in the kitchen. One entrance has a child gate. That I can move whenever I go in or out. The other side is a chicken wire/wood/screws/ contraption that's about 6 feet long. It's only about knee high so it's low enough to just lift your legs over it. Usually. For some reason I've been tripping on that thing since it was first put there. shitfuckdamn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, I went all the way to the floor ;landed on my knee then my hip. OUCH!! Not only does my hip hurt but so does my neck and my knee is swelling. shitfuckdoubledamn!!!!
I just layed there moaning,......the carpet-pissers came over and started worrying over me....and after about ...oh...5 minutes when the pain subsided some I got up.
I tell ya.......I'm gonna break something one day. And I don't think it'll be fun.
So, to help myself....I'm only going to use the gate. Let's see how that goes shall we?

I trip every day too. I'm walking through the Wal~mart and all of a sudden..oops....I've tripped! I don't even try to act like there was something on the happens in succession....walk,walk,walk,trip,walk,walk trip........etc. I'm walking around the pool and ..oops!...I just stepped on MY OWN FOOT! I've been saying for a few years now that I think it's my bifocals. Not sure anymore. Especially since I've tripped over my own feet in the pool!
Guess I'll try to slow down some. Mom says I go after things like I'm fighting snakes. We'll see.


Sunshine said...

Oh my dear Mother. You surely are special :) I hope your Knee and hip are better.

I hate to admit it... seeing as how you were in pain and all, but once again - I laughed my ass off reading this. :)

Tweb said...

:) You = Me.

Tripping is a natural occurrence in my world. Daily. My feet fight constantly. Like brother and sister. I too have learned to embrace it. Can't hide it, may as well laugh at yourself or keep on movin as if it's part of your routine, which, oddly enough, it IS part of my routine.

And now... pregnant... good lawdy, it's bad. I refuse to multi-task. I can't even seem to single-task...without crashing and burning. :)