Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Guess what??!!

You'll never guess so I'll tell ya. Sunday after church, we had to go get gas in Mom's car. After I filled it up I asked if we could go home the way we came. Why she asked. ' Cuz I wanna go to Starbucks and get me a Frappicino.' 'Is it on the way home?'' Yes it is.' 'Ok.'
So we get to Sbux and my Dad is laughing cuz you have to go around the back of a building to get to the drive up window and he wonders how I know where I'm going...my Mom asked if I can see well enough b/c it looks like 'some tight quarters'....
I order my delicious Frap and as we're driving off I offer Mom a drink. Well, what a hit that was! Dad had a taste and thought it was pretty good too. 'Do they have a chocolate shake' he asks? he he...no daddy, you can't get milkshakes here......'Oh, well it was pretty good he says. I don't drink all of it and offer the rest to Mom before I leave and she snapped it up! The things I do for my folks!! Sheesh!
Well, there';s a grocery chain here that's been bought out and the new chain is putting in a ........you guessed it.......a Starbucks!!! My Mom got all giddy and said now it will be easier to go there and that she'd like to have one for lunch sometime.
My sisterlittle has created a monster.
Thanks sis!


Anonymous said...

More like a family of monsters!

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