Sunday, July 15, 2007

After Church conversation..w/ the Parents

So, I'm driving the folks home from church and the following conversation happens.

Mom--tt will you not put makeup on while you're driving my car.
tt--Ummm, ...I'm not.
Mom--Well, it looks like you're putting on lipstick.
tt--No, I'm cleaning my sunglasses. I thought I had a big smudge on them.
Mom--well you had your hand up to your mouth.
tt--Yes, I thought there was a glob of gunk on my glasses so I licked them and wiped it off on my shirt. Only it's not gunk it a huge scratch.
Mom--Oh,...I was going to be a smart ass and say something but I'm not.
tt-- Go ahead. I want to hear your smart assness.
Mom--I was going to say 'you must have a pretty sharp tongue to scratch your glasses.'
tt--[ thinking to Mom that's your forte' } (insert snicker-snicker)They got scratched in my purse.
Mom--Do you put them in a case?
tt--No, I put them in a pocket all by themselves usually, but I must have have put something else in there that scratched them.
Mon--If you had them in a case that wouldn't happen.
tt--You're right.
Mom-- have you tried that stuff they advertise on TV to get scratches off glasses?
tt-- No, I'm skeptical of that. It sounds to good to be true. Don't you think?
Mom--Well, it'd probably cost more than those sunglasses are worth.
tt-- Yep, I can get another pair at Wal~mart for 6 bucks.
Dad--What was that? What's that noise?
Mom--That was paper falling.
Dad--What? Paper? What paper?
tt-- the bulletin from church, it slid off the seat.
Mom-- It's not a bulletin it's a program.
Dad--It's what? Where is it?
Mom--It's in the floor of the backseat behind tt.
Dad--Well, what's it doing there?
tt--it fell off the seat when I turned the corner.
Dad-- Oh, ok.
Mom-- Well, I don't want and clitter cutter in my car so take it out when we get home.
Dad-- Any what?
tt--Any what?[ insert giggle here]
Mom-- I meant I don't want any litter clutter in my car.

So, how was Ya'll's morning?


Sunshine said...

LMAO! Oh my! I swear ma... your blogs are getting funnier and funnier!

Tweb said...

See...conversations like that, make me laugh out loud, I love it!

Allison Horner said...


See, you need this blog! :)