Monday, July 16, 2007


Guess who's coming to see Sunshine and I for our Birthdays????????
ETK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo-hoo for us. I can't get enough of that gurl.
I think Alli and Pups had thought about it but Alli's Dad's big 60 th is that weekend. That's a milestone so that can't be missed. Tell him to have a happy one for us Alli, K!

Anyway I hope she doesn't melt with our weather. She's really sweet afterall ...and like my Mama always sez....sugar melts but shit don't. (Oh.....I guess I'm not melting afterall. ha ha)
We'll get some pool time in for sure. Oh=Oh-Oh- and pictures!! Yep...lots of pictures.

I surprised my BFF for her B-day. Her's is 22 days before mine. I like that she goes first and tests the waters so to speak. ;) She came by to visit me at Mom's on her b-day. She brought her daughter and cutie pie grandson...too cute! 10 months old!! We had a nice small visit. I hugged and kissed her bye and wished her a happy one....and she left.
What she didn't know is that I had already arranged with the help of a co-conspiritor...her take her fav cake ( German Choc{home made of course}) and dinner from one of her Fav restaurants to her Daughters house and surprise her. It worked. We had a marvelous time. I love surprises.


Tweb said...

1. I loved seeing ETK! She is sweet as sugar! Wish we had more time together!!!

2. Birfdays? What birfdays? C'mon tell meeeee!!!!!

Allison Horner said...

I wish Pups & I could come up for you & Sunshines birfdays! Sorry we are gonna miss it.

Yep, it's my Dad's big 6-0! WOW! Can't miss that one, and my oldest sister's bday, too....and I think my nephews might be getting baptized around that time, too.

Lot's going on!

tt said...

Mine is the 27th and Sunshine's is the 26...of July. Woo-hoo for us. :)