Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm in a funk today....:(

I guess today is just an off day. Things just seem out of kilter for some reason.
I had to listen to my parents have a wee argument today before I left. That was stressful. And it was all because neither one of them can hear very well and don't communicate very well at times.
Plus, Mom isn't feeling well today. So, our Saturday morning ritual of going to Denny's was ........ let's say.....strained. See, they order the same thing every Saturday, no deviation at all! Plus they don't like new waitresses either. Well,'s a bit of how the conversation went.......
waitress--what can I get ya?
Mom--I want the senior french toast, no egg just extra bacon, that's 4 pieces you know; don't put the butter on the french toast, put it in a little cup and one little thingie of syrup, heated.
Waitress--And for you sir?
Dad-- I want the original grand slam on two plates, eggs over medium, all bacon and 2 things of sugarless syrup, heated.
Waitress--Ok, and for you ( looking at me )
me-- short stack please.
So, the waitress goes off and in a couple minutes she comes back with 2 plates...One she puts down in front of my dad that has 2 things of syrup and 2 things of butter. The other plate she puts in front of me and Mom and it has 4 things of syrup and 2 things of butter. I tell her thank you and as she's leaving my Mom goes " HEY!!.... wait! " Mom looks at me and says ( quite ugly and w/ a frown) " I didn't want 2 thingies of syrup and butter only one of each" The waitress hears her and very politely says" I just wanted to make sure there was enough". I thank her and she leaves. I tell mom that she's trying to do her best to serve us and she has the same thoughts as we do whenever we fix dinner. Mom asks what that is and I tell her that Daddy always says we fix too much for him and she ( mom) says it's better to have too much than not enough.
Mom--Well she's new and I don't like new ones.
Me-- she's not new
Mom--Well, she's never waited on us
Me-- Yes, she has and she's got the order right both times.
Mom--tt, don't scold me. I don't want to be scolded.
Dad--( sort of laughing) What? Who's being scolded?
Mom-- I told tt not to scold me anymore.
Dad-- ( looking at me) Well if she needs scolded then scold her!
Well, Mom shot him a got-to-hell look and I told her I was sorry that I didn't mean to scold her and asked her if she was still feeling bad.
Mom--Yes, so don't scold me anymore today.
Me-- I'm sorry Mom, I was just trying to explain stuff because I know how hard it is for you to see and all...........................
She just looked away w/ a pitiful look on her face.

There are soooo many times that my mom is rude to people. And everytime I want to crawl off somewhere and hide. In that instance, I felt like the roles were reversed and that I needed to explain how things worked to her. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. Ugh!!!!!!!
Later on, after we were home, my Dad started talking about when he has Lovee paint his garage floor, that he wants me to drive the Lexus to my house at night and drive it back the next morning untill the paint is dry enough to drive on ( a week)
Mom--Why should she do that?
Dad--So it doesn't sit out all night. Someone might vandalize it.
Mom-- well, what about the mustang?
Me-- If something happens Dad, your insurance will cover it.
Dad-- Well, that's true
Me-- But you'd feel better if it wasn't out?
Mom-- well, how's tt going to get down here?
Dad--she'll drive the Lexus
Mom-- But how will she get here to do that? Maybe tt doesn't want to drive my Lexus tht long.
Dad--( raising his voice) she'll drive here! Why wouldn't she want to drive here?
Mom--I know she'll drive here....
Me-- Lovee will drop me off ,right Dad?
Dad--Well, yeah....
Mom--Well you didn't say that.
Dad--Well, do you want to argue about this?
Mom--No. Do you?
Dad-- No.

Then she pouts.

Me-- Dad, if you want me to drive her car back and forth I'll be happy to do it.
Dad--Ok, thank you tt.
Good Grief!!!!!!!!
About that time,... I put the new drops in Dad's eyes, said my goodbyes...I'll see you in the morning for church etc.......kiss, kiss........out the door.

So as I was driving home I was thinking to my self; if I wasnt' so frickin' full I'd stop at Sbux and get me my new favorite "reward" drink. Too full....hummmm, I'll stop off at Kohl's and see if I can find me something new to wear to church or wherever. Bad idea!!!
Nothing fit. All I did was confirm to myself that 1.) I'm too fat and 2.) I'm looking really frumpy.

Funk! I hate funk.
I made an appt. w/ my regular hairdresser....yep...scarey, but I did.
I showed her a bunch of pictures and told her what I'm trying to do with it and guess what? She actually did what I asked and I LOVE it.
So, part of the funks lifted a bit...the frumpy part.....almost anyway.

Lovee was terrific of course and did his best to get me out of that funk. He kept saying " lets go shopping, I can find you some new clothes." He is really good at that....but I didn't want to relive that whole disapointed-in-myself thing all over again. So, we went shopping and found HIM some new duds! That's the way to go by the way.....He looks good in everything! So I'll just shop vicariously through's that?! I'd be lost w/o him! I'm soooo glad he loves me no matter what! Fluffy or skinny. He doesn't really care ( I don't think).

I'll stop rambling now.......


Sunshine said...

I think you are beautiful! You are not frumpy or fat! You just had a stressful day that's all.

I hope to see you tomorrow!!! We're going to take pics of our footings in Coweta and then hopefully we will both be coming up to see you and Dad. XOXO

ETK said...

AWWWW! If only we'd stopped playing phone tag!! I wish I'd gotten to talk to you yesterday - I was in the same funk. maybe we could have lifted each other out of it. I am DONE eating so much though -I am officially on a diet. Wanna walk together when I'm in OK?

Can not WAIT to see you on Friday!!!!

tt said...

Yes, walking for sure! I do that in the mornings during the week after Lovee leaves. It'll be fun to have someone to walk with!
BTW---tag-you're it :)

Tweb said...

1. Don't ever stop rambling.
2. Lovee may = Babe
3. When hungry, eat fruit. It's sooo good! (and good for you but don't tell yourself that or you won't want any)
4. I like numbering things today.
5. I think you're beyootiful! So shut it!

Allison Horner said...

I have been in a bit of funk, you aren't alone. :)

Isn't amazing how the Horner men can help you out of a funk & love you more than anything...even when you're not lovin yourself enough. :) They are so good like that.

P.S. - I love your "ramblings." ;)

Anonymous said...

Sisterpatience! Why don't you send her, the matriarch, to her room? You've done it before! You are the only one who can handle her so well. You should have gone and bought that purse...Do I need to use the word "collection" again?!?!!?

tt said...

I'll buy the damn pruse...k? :)