Monday, July 23, 2007

One week later and guess what???

I frickin fell again!!! Yep, it's official. I'm now classified as an insurance hazzard....or at least an accident waiting to happen. Same knee only this time my opposite foot was involved too.
Lovee has been painting the house this past week. Today, being my day off, I was in and out of the house, doing my chores and helping him out too. Well, the last time I went to check on him ( obviously the LAST time) I tripped over a metal yard art thingie that Lovee has taken out of the ground and layed on the ground. I had my sandals on and tripped on one of the spokes that pokes into the ground, which made me fall and I landed on my already hurt knee. The spoke dug into the top of my right foot. I fell on the left knee. I swear it took my several minutes before I could speak. Lovee came off his ladder asking what happened and where was I hurt etc...all I could do was hold up a finger as in" give me a sec". I thought I was gonna pass out it hurt so bad. But I didn't and lovee got some ointment on my foot; got the ice bags out and deposited me in a chair w/ the ottoman and played Doctor on me. Awwww, he's so attentive. He's really puzzled as to why this keeps happening to me though. And a bit frustrated too. As am I. WTF over!!!!! I still think it has something to do w/ my glasses. I can't prove it but that's my theory.
I hopes it improves soon, because as it is right now, my walks won't be happening for a few days. S.F.D.!!!
It's not funny anymore; this klutz thing.
TWEB says her feet fight like brother and sister. My whole BODY has taken sides I think.

On a high point, I did get a great Birthday card from # 1 son today. It sings Kokomo..."Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..." Ha haha so cute. I love me some kid!

And just in case anyone wants to see my beautiful Sunshine girl go to her Blog.Running through Sunshine and see her purty face!! She cut her hair off! So cute!

I'll ramble on another day....

Peace out-------

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Tweb said...

you said peace out -

You gone ghetto on me?

And is ANYONE ever going to tell me when your real b-day is? Sheesh... I'm guessing today? Tomorrow? Sometime soon since you are bombarded with love and cards and phone calls and visitors and yard art? :)

Well... a very happy..whenever it is,... birthday!