Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quick up date

I'm moving this morning and feeling alot better than I thought I would. Probably due to Lovee's tender loving care and the ice bags he put on my foot and knee. What a guy I have! Neither one of us slept too well b/c we were afraid of hitting it during the night...:(
But all's good so I'm going to go paint and spackle on my happy face and just go w/ that. :)
Ya'll have a happy one!

Oh oh oh.......FYI- I have pink flamingos floating in my pool! That would make anyone smile I think. :) wanna go splish-splash?


Tweb said...

No more fallin down for you!

Hey, maybe your equilibrium is off... or perhaps your gray matter has shifted to one side, thus throwing off your perception and your balance... Or perhaps the stars aren't aligned correctly and that's causing you to be wibbly wobbly. Maybe you should register for some new stars. I'll go get you the forms.

tt said...

I think you may have something there!!Seriously!
I'm gonna use the 'wibbly wobbly'
Love that.
Thanks...I'll take all the stars I can get...I'm using mine up!