Tuesday, April 10, 2007

9 days of work left

Alot of customers are commenting about how many days I have left. They're sad. Makes me feel better tho, knowing I'll be missed by some. I'm training my replacement as of yesterday. We both ate the same thing for lunch and both got sick! Won't eat that again! Who woulda thought a ham and cheese sandwich could be so eventful! (tummy is fine now) Anyway, the good news is she's already caught on; the bad new is she's already caught on! Now what do I do w/ my time?? It's gonna be a long 2 weeks! :(

Lovee and I are reallly looking forward to our little getaway. Gonna see Pups and Alli and Rj and his new wifey in H-town.....then back up to Branson! Lovee and I haven't been there since we were wee sprouts so it should be fun.

One of the good things about my new "job" is that I should be able to see my bff more and her daughter and new grandson!!!!!!! He's sooooooooooo cute. He's deffinitely a "hims-precious" as my sisterlittle says. yay for me!


Tweb said...

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your new adventure, leaving work, taking care of the folks, spending the much deserved time with your Lovee and BFF. Ahhh, some day... some day... some day in like 30 years. LOL, I hope I can wait that long!

ETK said...

Me too! You are going to enjoy it! And WE are gonna get to read all about it here! YOu are going to need to get them a computer (maybe for you if not for them) so you can post during the day, whenever you have breaks from care takinng and such!!! Isn't that a great idea???

Tweb said...

I think she's on to something. You're going to need an outlet. I know you love your folks but you're gonna need somewhere to let it all out when mom calls someone fat at the grocery store or something like that.

tt said...

Tweb,were you w/ us when she did that????!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! ha ha
They got rid of their computer cuz they couldn't see it anymore. I'll just have to take notes or something...sucks!