Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another justification...of sorts

this thought is for those men who need a different perspective on going shopping. Sorry if I sound sexist. I'm not, but we all need a reality check sometimes. :)

Simple really: Shopping for women = (insert word-ie: hunting,fishing,camping, golfing) for men.
Sometimes it's the hunt that's exciting- ie: window shopping, trying on stuff, oohing and awing.
Sometimes it's the kill that's exciting- ie: buying that purse,shoes,skirt,makeup etc.

Makes perfect sense to me. Am I too simplistic?
I thought it was a good analogy.


Tweb said...

Good one.

Cept I don't like to shop. Unless Babe is with me. He's a better shopper than me.

tt said...

So is Lovee!!!!! He is the best person to go Bra shopping with! Seriously! He walks around carring my purse and bringing me different ones to try on! And Purses...The last 2 I've bought are ones he picked out!! Go figure!
I HATE to go shopping by myself. No fun! I second guess myself too much and end up not buying a damn thing!