Sunday, April 15, 2007

new phrase

Toad Strangler. That's a heavy downpour of much rain that the toads and frogs drown.
We had one of those Friday. It was blowin-a-gale as the easterners like to say.
The gusts were so hard that I dinged my new Suzi-Su-v !!! I opened the back door to put a humane animal trap in and just as I was about to put the cage in a ginormous gust blew the door into the cage which pushed the cage into my Suzi!!! Aaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
SDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( fav phrase when I'm upset biggly( ha, how's that tweb?)
Just made the first payment on her 10 days ago and now I need touch up paint. I was sad and mad at the same time.( heavy sigh)

Have a great week ya'll!!!!!!!!
This will be my last week at work. I'll be a wreck the whole time I'm sure.
More later-
Hey tweb...this is for you..........

tt-out :)


Sunshine said...

I thought it was SFD? :)

Tweb said...

Alright my lil seacrest in training.

1. Biggly? LOVE it, and plan to steal and shamelessly use it as my own. :)

2. That picture... makes me smile soooo biggly when I see it! So sweet!

3. Dayum rain.

I love your blog. No messes this week. Well, not the kind that are to clean up... emotionally okay, that's me on a normal basis!

tt said...

You're right it is S.F.D !!
Guess i was tired maybe?