Monday, April 30, 2007

One down and ??? to go

Day one was..well, rather uneventful actually. Mom had the biggest smile on her face ever when she opened the door to me. I said she looked very happy this morning and she said'I'm more relieved than anything but happy to". I smiled and kissed her cheek . I'm thinking she's relieved that I would be there to take some stress from her and she says no, that she just got off the phone w/ Lovee to see if I was coming or not...or if I was 'dead' on the HWY b/c she couldn't remember if I was coming today or not and if I was, why wasn't I there by now! Hummm, so I remind her that she told me not to get there untill 9:30 or 10:00 so I chose 10. Guess what? I'm planning on being there at 9:15 tomorrow b/c she told me 9:30. ha...
I took a pad of paper w/ me to write thoughts I might have and also to write down things they mentioned needed to be done. That way I wouldn't forget and could ck them off when completed. The last entry on that pad was " note to self---write on paper in different room!"
Whenever i picked up the paper to write something, one of them would look at me and say " what are you writing?" I'd tell them a"to-do list" and just "stuff"...a couple hours would go by and I'd be writing something else and the question came up again" what are you writing?"..
Ok, these are 2, almost
blind ppl sitting across the room from me who can hardly see the T.V, can barely see to write a check but they can see me writing on paper! It's gonna be fun.
We went to the bread store.
Went to the grocery store
went to the $1.oo store for fake flowers for the yard but they were out...scratch the head on that...
Figured out their meds to get them on paper..for Dr.'s and such. The one she had was very outdated.
Had lunch and....... OH,OH,OH,OH I almost forgot..................................
gave Dad his first Manicure!!!! So, cute! He asked for one in a round about way. He said there was something wrong w/ his fingernails, that they kept catching on his clothes and stuff and that he hadn't cut them in about 2 weeks coz he was waiting for me to check them out and see what the problem was. Well, they were dry and split..down the center some of them. So I files and cut and buffed and lotioned them up. He looked like he really enjoyed it. He asked why they were doing that. I told him it may be age and that his hands were real dry so we'd probably need to do this mani every couple weeks. I said I'd bring some nail oil from home tomorrow and put on them and that I'd watch and make sure his nails looked good from now on. He kinda chuckled and said ok, he'd like that. Love the Dad!!!!!!!! then.....
made Brownies
watched the storm for a while and inbetween all this, Mom managed to get in about 3 wee snoozes on her Loveseat.
Helped her w/ spaghetti dinner and then at 6......I left.
That was it.
Smooth first day......yay!


Tweb said...

Mmmmm Brownies... makin my mouth water.

Sounds like a perfect day. I LOVE sitting on my front porch watching the rain. Some people think that's crazy and boring but I find something so soothing about it.

Anonymous said...

tweb, come to Colorado. Not only can you watch the rain, you can smell it. It has to be what heaven smells like.

tt said...

For real!!!!!!!!
Can I come too? I'll bring the Brownies! :)