Sunday, April 15, 2007

shut the duck up already!!!!!!!!!

One of my coworkers likes to talk. That in itself isn't so bad but she talks incessantly!!!!!!!!! From the time she gets there in the morning untill the time she leaves. IF, she were to talk about interesting things or tell us something new maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But she doesn't. She has" been there and done that" ,bigger, better, nicer, newer,faster,slower,higher,longer,cheaper,expensiver( ha) later,newer... blah,blah,blah!!!!
She has no off switch that we can find. I once got up my nerve to look at her and put my hand up and say "VOICES OFF". She just looked at me and giggled and started up right where she was before I so rudely interrupted her.
I will not miss her.


Sunshine said...

HAHA!! I wonder which one that is!?

Tweb said...

Huh.... you work with my mom?

ETK said...

LOL - it's tweb's mom!!! :)

tt said...

Say it's not so!!!