Wednesday, April 4, 2007


We woke up to a windy 36 degress. Yesterday it was 82 ! Good o' Oklahoma! The sun is out though so that'll help.
So far my mood is better today. The girls at work will appreciate that, if it lasts. lol
We're supposed to get a freeze this weekend. Of course we will..Lovee and I planted flowers all weekend! I'm thinking if we cover them everything will be ok. Keep the fingers crossed.

I've discovered something about myself lately. I'm not sure if I've always known it but just never put it into words before or what, but, whenever I get overwhelmed ,whether it's from too many things to do and not enough time or just general feelings, instead of making a plan to get stuff accomplished I just think about it...ALL THE TIME ! No action just think. Geez...I gotta change that. But how to change it is the question. My grape is so squishie sometimes. My Sisterlittle got the good stuff for the grape. I honestly think I got the leftovers. lol Of course that's not true because I was born first.....then again, maybe her grape is better because Mom was 'happy' when she was, you're being silly now....I know....defense mechinism taking over..... go get ready for work! ok.......

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