Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Haley on Idol

Ya know, I've watched Idol since it first came on...well I started watching half way through the first one....anyway....It amazes me that I'm almost always surprised at who gets voted off! What the hey..........tonight was Haley. She's so cute and a good singer I think. Not on a Madona level or a J-Lo scale but possibly on girls or Hillary Duff level maybe? She could have a huge tennie-bopper fan base I think. I hope she gets the chance. On the other hand, Sanjiah or however you spell it is still there!!!!!!!!!!! HUH??????I just don't get it. Who is behind him staying there? I'm thinking conspiracy theory.......waddaya think? Or do you even care?


Sunshine said...

I decided not to watch this season. When I saw who the finalist were, I was not impressed. It's gone downhill. When's Big Brother starting!!!!!!!!

ETK said...

You know, I've actually NEVER watched it! I just live it vicariously through you.

Tweb said... Have you ever heard of Howard Stern? Yeah, he's on satellite radio now and is promoting this website to vote Sanjaya to be the winner of Idol, PURELY as a joke, to make a joke of American Idol.

Scumbag. Ruining the show for the kiddies like my little one. She doesn't understand why he's still on there and I certain am not going to tell her that some over paid shady radio talk show punk thinks it's funny.

:( yes, a lil bitter.